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Posted by Stigmatized, 15.06.2006 - 23:52
Hate Eternal was formed in 1996 by Erik Rutan (ex-Morbid Angel). They are a Death Metal band that has released 3 albums. Conquering the Throne was the first, King of all Kings second and their latest, I, Monarch, was released in 2005.

Pretty kick ass band, though they don't seem to be well known. If anyone else has heard them, express your opinion here.
21.08.2009 - 04:17
Erik Rutan is great! Everything he does... Wether it be producing for CC or playing with Morbid Angel, it's always brutal!

I met him when I saw Hate Eternal a long time ago and he was a really nice guy we talked about metal and weed for about 10 minutes.

I didn't know how lucky I was a couple of years ago when I got to see him tour with Morbid Angel. It was really great. Long time ago though.
17.10.2009 - 02:19
Account deleted
Hate eternal is no doubt awesome.. they are one of my musical inspirations.
09.06.2010 - 10:41
I just found the perilous fight dvd and it's fucking great !! the victorious reign , King of All Kings, Serpants of gods , i , Monarch , to know our enemies , ..... that all are fucking great performances see live by Hate Eternal ... i too happy
Urartu is a NeoHittite and ProtoArmenian kingdom !!
09.05.2011 - 06:56
Hate Eternal to release Phoenix Amongst the Ashes on May 10

Florida Death Metal trio Hate Eternal is set to release its new album Phoenix Amongst the Ashes on May 10 via Metal Blade Records.Erik Rutan formed Hate Eternal after parting ways with Morbid Angel. The band has since secured a spot as one of the world's leading death metal acts and this record will only add to their momentum.The 10 song RELEASE is proving to be a milestone in the genre, combining the masterful elements of brutal death metal with twisted dark melodies that creates a new atmosphere altogether. Recorded at Rutan's own Mana Studios, the front man also took on the job of producer. With bands like Goatwhore, Nile and Vital Remains on his roster, there's no argument that the elite level of musicianship is rivalled by the production quality.

The album's track listing is as follows:
01. Rebirth
02. The Eternal Ruler
03. Thorns of Acacia
04. Haunting Abound
05. The Art of Redemption
06. Phoenix Amongst the ashes
07. Deathveil
08. Hatesworn
09. Lake Ablaze
10. The Fire of Resurrection

Still not convinced? You can stream the track Lake Ablaze here:

Or check out their studio updates here:

Be sure to pre-order your copy of what is being hailed as: "The best death metal record [I've] heard in FOREVER!" (Albert Mudrian - Decibel magazine)

Hate Eternal Canadian Dates 2011:
06.25 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
06.26 Kelowna, BC @ Lake City Bowl
06.27 Calgary, AB @ The Distillery
06.28 Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
06.30 Regina, SK @ The Exchange
07/01 Winnipeg, MB @ Royal Albert Arms
07.07 Toronto, ON @ Wreck Room
07.08 Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques