Menace Ruine

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06.04.2008 - 09:27
Paleblood Hunter
I think the subcategory of this band can be misleading as calling this band Black Metal is very constricting, and just a plain shortcoming of what they are. I don't even want to take a shot at putting a tag on these guys, but some along the lines of Black, Noise, Industrial, and Trance is where I'd put it. The song structures aren't anything near proto, modern, or post Black Metal for that matter. If anything, I wouldn't label this band as Metal at all really, but I guess the boundaries of the genre are stretching far.

Anyway, I was just wondering anyone's opinions of this band? Check them out if you haven't heard them.
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06.04.2008 - 11:02
Bad English
I try band out and sounds interesting hope thayw ill contne whit good material in future
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21.11.2008 - 12:22
Account deleted
Wow this is some genius music. Listening to 'The Die Is Cast' right now (still have Cult of Ruins to try out too) and I'm deeply impressed. Never considered the idea of Neo-Folk combined with Drone but it works so well. Relaxing and cathartic would be understatments. The use of vocals is inspired (I don't usually approve of vocals in Drone bands) and helps to sculpt a truly unique and pleasant atmosphere. I'm really loving this string of Drone bands that don't rely on ultra heavy and oppressive environments to convey negative messages and emotions. For that reason I recommend this to all, even non-drone fanatics.

I suspect both their albums will make my top 50 list of '08. Looking forward to seeing what 'Cult of Ruins' has to offer. God the vocals are incredible >.<


Okay 'Cult of Ruins' is almost totally different. Still good but not in the same league as 'The Die Is Cast'. Some kind of chaotic blackened tranced out nut-fest.