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Posted by Dane Train, 23.04.2008 - 23:57
Metal is a multi-dimensional genre of music, that much is clear. The vast majority of discussion on this forum is about which band is more Grim, or more EPIC!!!, or faster, or more progressive, of darker, etc., etc., etc. Yet there is also a side of Metal that is just footloose and fancy mean, party oriented.

I love deep, emotional, complex Metal, as many of you know, but the last thing I want to hear at a party is "A Change of Seasons", "A Trace of Blood" or "2112". The Glam Metal scene was famous for producing music that was pretty much about partying...or sex. Yet I know there are more than just big haired sexually confused bands out there that made Metal music that is great for partying.

Thus I give you the Party Metal Thread *cue the trumpet music*

I was going through my iTunes this past week in attempt to make a massive play list of Metal for a party, and I didn't have as much as I hoped I would. So how about we start recommending some good music for each other. Now I know when a bunch of Metalheads get together This Godless Endeavor is great fun to listen to, but I'm sure we all have non-Metal friends, and that just isn't music that would work well for a party with them.

Some of the songs that came to mind are:
"Panama" - Van Halen
"Cult of Personalilty" - Living Color
"Epic" - Faith No More
"Enter Sandman" James Hetfield and the Metallicas.
"Jet City Woman" - Queensryche
"Rock and Roll" - Led Zeppelin
"We're Not Goin Take It" - Twisted Sister

I am sure there are bands that normally don't do music that is party like, but everyone and a while you get something, like the new Dillenger Escape Plan album has "Black Bubblegum". So have at it troops!
03.02.2011 - 18:05
Beer Fairy
Steel Panther, because they are funny , Chrome Division, AC/DC of course, Twisted Sister... What else Hipodil (BG band) is very appropriate too. Most bulgarian metalheads like them