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Posted by APOHAKC on 03.05.2008 at 14:16
Here's the question, literally, since I do not have any general idea anymore about this everlasting topics, usually full of fake smiles and sweet words, I beg you to be honest or this thread will be pointless. The idea of the thread was to share you experiences and though of the subject which does romantics really exist, including few more subquestions, what do you think about it, are you a romantic, if not, what do you think of such people.

ATTENTION: you do not have to read next paragraph, that's my situation, the important thing is to read last first one cause it is the thread's subject anyway.

What's with the thread title, well, that's the response I got from the girl few years back, even though it is not important for the discussion, no she did not blow me off but back then hurt my feelings for sure, now I couldn't care less. The situation was I had a crush on that girl since like ever, and never had any idea how to call her out, it is not one of those Hollywood stories, she's not some playboy bunny or the most popular girl in school, just some girl, normally looking for the rest, highest form of existence for me, for which all of my friends found me crazy by the way. Well, a friend set me up with her, his also metalstorm member and he found out about that here on ms, I did not knew a thing and he set me up with her as I said and told me, damn I was not that happy how I was scared so I got that stupid idea to give her bunch of flowers from the forest beside my place, nothing fancy, just a common little flowers, more to show her intentions than my financial situation by buying her a 101 red rose and come to he place with a limo haha, anyway, point is I am not romantic, I never ever do such things just because I think that does not exist anymore, by her behavior I though she's different than most of the girls I dated (well, it's not like I dated billion of them but still...), she was calm, quiet, always draw on classes some frp motives or whatever, anyway, I came to her place, and gave her those flowers, damn, I was so exiting, what a fuck I was expecting I do not know, but surely not that haha, she said something like *careless and disappointing voice* oh flowers, I was kinda hoping you'd bring some alcohol haha man haha, back then I was fucking screwed, now, I can't stop laughing but damn! Till then I thought romance is shit, after that, well, there's always a hope some metalstorm experts on love and shit can help, so, go on mates what do you think:

Some other examples of my friends who I hope will never read this and see I brought up their "humiliation" in public

Guys that sucked: One friend, not much of a friend, more like a person I know over some friends drove whole day and night to Montenegro to buy his girlfriend some stupid sea fish she likes and woke her up by making her a breakfast, anyway, when she returned she got all mad at him and told him, quote: "put that fish in back of your ass for not calling me last night and explain where you was* HARD CORE huh? Another fried wanted to propose her girlfriend, he wanted to give her his grandmother's ring, anyway, he covered place with some flowers and brought some wine, lighted the candles, when she came, she told him to turn those candles off cause it is damn hot (on a second thought, maybe that was his intention to take her close off haha), that she hates those flowers cause it can cause an allergy reaction and that wine he brought is the worst he could find around (I mean, what a fuck could he know, we drink only beer, and even worst, only the same beer!) poor gave decided not to propose her that night (he never did it after)...

Girls that sucked: My friend, well, at least she used to be had a crush on some guy, I know he's a freak but I knew if I told her anything it will be you do not want me happy, or you want to divide me with other people shit crap shit (instead of bla bla bla) anyway she started dating him and she was all carried away so she bought some dress to make evening more pleasant or whatever (see, I wouldn't care eather ), it was visible it means to her, well, from he story that was smth like, well he came and didn't even notice the dress just said take that crap off haha, well, she dumped him

Do you think this is just me being paranoic and making conclusions from story or two or do you share my thoughts that romantics are rare and it is damn hard for such two persons to met, I mean, there can be one, but it is hard to find situation other partner is not a raw I want sex or booze kind of guy/girl? ...oh well

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  31.03.2012 at 20:04
Written by Infernal Eternal on 31.03.2012 at 19:21

I can't help you mate.

You can help.

By not resurrecting dead-as-fuck forum threads.
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Infernal Eternal

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  31.03.2012 at 20:23
Written by vezzy on 31.03.2012 at 20:04

Written by Infernal Eternal on 31.03.2012 at 19:21

I can't help you mate.

You can help.

By not resurrecting dead-as-fuck forum threads.

Fair enough.
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