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Posted by wrathchild, 18.05.2008 - 14:21
Ok, so normally one should not be able to create a new thread until they got 100 posts. So those people can do it here and introduce their band.

Please be kind enough to provide all the information about your band (name, genre, website, myspace, a bit of history, etc.)

I also invite you to fill an entry in the "Band suggestions", and vote/comment on those you want to see featured

19.06.2012 - 23:11
Spirit Molecule
spirit molecule
Written by vulgar talent on 19.06.2012 at 19:13

Thank you so much!!
There were a few effects when we were recording the demo but live they're all organic. The samples and drums go through a P.A.

Your welcome, its good music. I liked it.
Anyway I was asking if you ran the vocals through a processor or a laptop to get those sounds live. I guess he goes straight through live.
I figured you guys would use amps. I think all European and American bands use amps, well apart from Meshuggah.
Here most bands use multi effects pedals and pedal boards, barely anyone using tubes to get their OD's
So pretty much the whole band goes through the PA. Occasionally when we do play festivals we mic the amps.

I noticed you play bass as well, pretty cool. What gear do you use?
If you never wake up from a dream does it become reality?

Last fm
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23.06.2012 - 01:11
Written by Spirit Molecule on 13.06.2012 at 08:54

Written by napalmgroup on 31.05.2012 at 20:25

Napalm is a Thrash Metal group formed in July 2010 in Pedrola, Zaragoza (Spain) by Michal Kacprzak and Fernando Tovar as guitarists and Alejandro Duarte as drummer. Later the bassist Javier Izquierdo joins the group and they made his first concert. In February 2012 the vocalist is replaced by Carlos, their current vocalist. They are preparing some concerts this summer and have released their first demo called "Objective to Kill".

Pretty cool stuff. Didn't like the vocals too much though.

Thanks man!! Vocals are not the typical vocals in thrash but is more agressive
08.07.2012 - 14:04
Here's my band: Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew. We come from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. We play an eclectic blend of Extreme metal with wacky lyrics full of strange characters and the story of Billy Bob's never-ending quest to find the ultimate brew. Give our split EP(with a Jordanian Hardcore Act) a listen It's free!(unless you wish to donate) Also, if you like us, give our Facebook page some loving.


09.07.2012 - 18:16
Spirit Molecule
spirit molecule
Written by sallyjay on 08.07.2012 at 14:04

Here's my band: Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew. We come from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. We play an eclectic blend of Extreme metal with wacky lyrics full of strange characters and the story of Billy Bob's never-ending quest to find the ultimate brew. Give our split EP(with a Jordanian Hardcore Act) a listen It's free!(unless you wish to donate) Also, if you like us, give our Facebook page some loving.



Kickass stuff man. Really enjoyed it.
If you never wake up from a dream does it become reality?

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20.07.2012 - 05:48
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
I really thank everyone who posts here, in the correct thread, instead of just spamming the site, Chances are I'll look more into your submissions now :3
Checkout my band here!
01.08.2012 - 06:34
New Dalla Nebbia EP "Thy Pale Form..." is available for streaming and/or free download. For fans of atmospheric and progressive black metal.
02.08.2012 - 13:41
"Enemo J". We have just been signed to a US based record company called Digital Media Records and we are just looking to get some exposure world wide. We have played at some of the major UK metal festivals and had our videos and music played on some of the UK's biggest radio and tv stations.

Please come check us out on the following sites < Facebook < youtube <reverbnation

Thank you for checking us out
07.08.2012 - 15:54
Superflesh - Fleshbox (Heavy Metal from Finland)

Finland's brightest hope in testosterone filled metal is finally back. After six years of waiting the "Fleshbox" EP is finally unveiled.

The EP consists of three songs. Get Ready (to Fuck) is originally by the oldschool tracker legend Cadaver. Rock Out With Your Cock Out and Hey Ho Let's Maiden are Superflesh originals. Someone might say this reeks of Turbonegro, but these allegations are clearly false. We're Judas Priest!

With Berlin in hearts we strive to infest the hipster legions. Berlin is God these days, and as this EP was mixed and mastered in a Berlin and we have an 'echt Berliner' in our ranks, this album must be divine!

Our dear friend Nick the Dick did most of the engineering for the album and Turbo-Ragnar mixed and mastered the prom queen.

Money talks and bullshit walks, so walk over to our music player and get infected.
01.09.2012 - 06:07
Temple - On The Steps Of The Temple (Instrumental Metal from USA)

Hey everyone my instrumental metal band Temple have released our debut full length "On The Steps Of The Temple" digitally on bandcamp. We are located in Phoenix, AZ and our influences range from Death, Black, Doom, Sludge and Post-Metal. Please take a listen and let me know what you think! So far our reception has been extremely positive!

Track list:
1. Mountain 8:30
2. Rising From The Abyss 9:05
3. Final Years 4:34
4. The Mist That Shrouds The Peaks 10:14
5. Avaritia 9:27
6. On The Steps Of The Temple 10:59
04.09.2012 - 22:31
Hey there,

Full Frontal Face Fuckers have recently released a first EP "Open Wide". 8 tracks of grooving death/grind inspired by Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Gut, ...

It's available on bandcamp:

More information on the band:

Stay hard, stay wet!

The 4F
08.09.2012 - 14:45
Please Check my band "Netherion" out
We are Death Metal band From Damascus\Syria , and we've just our first album

Netherion on Facebook :
Netherion on Reverbnation :
Netherion on Metalstorm :

20.09.2012 - 12:54
Citizen inSane
Killjoy Corporation - metal from Finland

Killjoy Corporation has been active since 2009 mixing styles such as melodic heavy, death and thrash. Several gigs have been played in Finland ever since and now a self-financed promotional EP 'Horsefly' is released. Go check it out here:

Killjoy Corporation is now really looking for a label and chances to play live abroad. Let the music speak for itself,
no more promotional speech at this point.



First review of 'Horsefly' online:

Couple more reviews (the last one unfortunately in Finnish)
Global Domination 6,5/10
20.09.2012 - 13:44
Heaven Knight
heh, Troy, you havent told us you have a corporation

anyway, quite enjoyable stuff
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

20.09.2012 - 16:51
Citizen inSane
Written by Ellrohir on 20.09.2012 at 13:44

heh, Troy, you havent told us you have a corporation

anyway, quite enjoyable stuff

Heh, had to google that Troy-thing but what a quite cool nick he seems to have
Anyway thanks for the feedback. I added the first review of the EP to the original post.

Couple of 'Horsefly' reviews added to the original post upper.
20.09.2012 - 18:45
Royally Fucked
Hello all Metal Storm readers!

DEAD SAMARITAN is a death metal band from Finland. Our debut album "The Only Good Samaritan.." is just about to be released (24th of September 2012) worldwide via British label Casket Music. The album is available for advance listening in it's entirety for this week only at this location:

If you like your songs fast and furious, try Thunderbolt or Royally Fucked, if you like it wee bit more melodic, try songs like Laid to Waste or River Runs Red.

Track listing:

1. Prelude to Perdition
2. The Monster to Create
3. Laid to Waste
4. Royally Fucked
5. Hell If I Care
6. Bleeding Ground
7. Thunderbolt
8. DB13
9. River Runs Red
10. In the Shadows of the Mind
11. Welcome to the Death Zone
12. Into the Stellar Night

The response from the advance listening has been astonishingly good so far, but we would really appreciate your comments on the album so please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

In case you want know more about us, here's a short introduction to the band:

Dead Samaritan was formed in 2001 under different name, and after two more or less satisfying demo recordings took the name Dead Samaritan in 2003. After that the band has experienced some serious line-up changes along with quite a long hiatus. In December 2009 Dead Samaritan finally stabilized the line-up with Valendis Suomalainen in vocals (she is also of Herem fame), Matti Viholainen and Marko Saarinen in guitars, Eero Virtanen in bass and Janne Honkanen behind the drum battery.

Since the new line-up appeared to be a very solid one and the latest demo effort "Counting the Body Toll" in 2010 earned very good response everywhere, the band decided in 2011 it was time to up the ante, so finally 2012 will see the worldwide release of Dead Samaritan's debut album "The Only Good Samaritan..." via Casket Music. It contains a solid 35 minutes of aggressive, groovy and even catchy metal that should fit well for those who like say Carcass, Impaled, Slayer, Necrodeath, At The Gates, Exodus, Overkill etc.
10.10.2012 - 14:10
I just want to introduce to you a band in which I participate. Jarun is a little bit alternative black metal with some traces of folk music. We're mixing aggresive black metal riffs with dynamic acoustic chords. In our line-up you can find experienced musicians from other bands. Meph - vocalist from Cracow based Formosus and Radoslav from Pneumatic Frost. If you're interested just visit us on our FB profile and our YT channel where you can find our debut album. We're waiting for your opinions! \m/

17.10.2012 - 16:36
Hey hey!

Our new videoclip is almost done! Watch the teaser, or DIE! :3

Name : Anderson Pose
Genre : experi-metal-hardcore

02.11.2012 - 23:11
Hi! We are Lux Aeterna, a progressive metal band from France.

Benoît Toquet and Walter Français have played together since 2003. In 2005, they decided to create Lux Aeterna, which would soon become a progressive metal band. Maela and Olivier joined the formation Lux Aeterna in 2006, and their first EP 'Beyond Horizons' was released shortly after.

The EP was "démo du mois" (the best EP of the month) in Rock Hard, the French magazine, published in January 2007, thanks to the track 'Your Saving Hand'. On the same record, you can listen to famous bands, such as Pain of Salvation, Masterplan and Porcupine Tree. To a certain extent, a few encouraging articles have allowed Lux Aeterna to become well-known on the French metal scene.

The band then opened for Zuul FX, Hacride, Myrath, Conscience, Markize and other metal bands and they showed much energy each time they were on stage.

Lux Aeterna now want to go further by releasing their first LP 'Echoes from silence'. All the tracks were carefully composed and written so that everyone can enter the universe of the band. The different steps to realize this LP became possible thanks to Erwan Thomas, Kevin Codfert and Jens Bogren, who are people involved in the field of metal music throughout the world.

Olivier Le Pech (bass) // Maela Révolt (vocals) // Walter Français (drums) // Benoît Toquet (guitars)

  • Beyond Horizons EP (2006)
  • Echoes from Silence LP (2012 - Upcoming Album)

Official Website :
Official Facebook : Lux Aeterna facebook
Official Twitter : Lux Aeterna twitter
Official Youtube : Lux Aeterna youtube
Official Myspace : Lux Aeterna myspace

We look forward to hearing from you !
Lux Aeterna.
Lux Aeterna | Official Website
06.11.2012 - 02:04
My project "Draaka Rouge" has its debut album "Beneath Thorns & Fog" completed and available for FREE ZIP file download from this link:

Draaka Rouge is Dark Progressive/Gothic Instrumental Metal from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
It is a musical project in exploration of darkness within and beyond the human mind and is inspired by many forms of dark spirituality as well as personal darkness and experiences.

The album is also available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby if anyone is interested.
16.11.2012 - 09:43
I am JooLee4Uh. I am a single female member metal project. Spare a moment to check me out? C: Thanks
This is me. This is what I do. c:
20.11.2012 - 15:46

Antipope is a Finnish metal band, whose style has been labelled as "cabaret metal". To use more conventional terms, Antipope's music could be labelled as progressive metal, combining elements of industrial, gothic and extreme metal. Antipope's songs are usually based on catchy riffs and/or melodies with tasteful use of synths to spice things up. Vocals vary from melodic singing to growl/scream.

Antipope has been in action since 2004, and they have released two full-length albums and a couple of EPs so far. The latest full length album House of Harlot was released in 2011 by Finnish Violent Journey Records. Currently band is working on 3rd full-length album to be released in early 2013.

Here's a couple of website where you can listen to Antipope and find more info:

Download and listen albums:
Official homepage:

A music video of the song "A Thing so Vile" from House of Harlot album:

03.01.2013 - 14:03

Here the Bio and links of this Band:

300 million years ago, before water nourished the flesh, and air life; an eruption in the skies, a paroxysm of great misfortune, prompted by the eternal fire; the great stellar king; from the sense of the existence the planets were born, and from that divine gesture a light was given to five stones…
Five stones were discovered, five gems in their uppermost magnificence, inscribed with a symbol, a message and an element. Guided by the glimmering sun. By the moon's icy light the stones were overshadowed in different parts of the world.
Five were chosen by the father time; their paths intertwined to uncover the meaning of five pieces, five keys with a single objective; the unique matter. The crucial element to unearth the origin of existence. Everything that you ask yourselves has an answer.
The truth, sought out by the dark's wrath. As despicable as death, and as defiant as good judgment; resentment and greed, melted with a single end. Conquer matter and thus untie ancient cataclysm.

ApologieS Links:

Saludos ApologisticoS
Apologistics Greetings

15.01.2013 - 17:46

We're Gaslight from Hungary, formed back somewhere in 2005. We play a kind of dark metal-rock stuff, with lyrics about love, obsession and insanity.
In 2012 October we finally managed to release our first full-time CD, here's a track from it (rest is also on our YouTube channel):

You can find us on FB here:

Share it if you liked it, and thanks for listening!
16.01.2013 - 04:49
HoF Streetteam
Habit of Force - Metal (USA)

L-R Junior, Truck and Voodoo

Website: Habit of Force
Facebook: HoF Facebook

Habit of Force is a 3-piece metal band from Chicago. Rich "Truck" Collins is the vocalist and guitarist of the band. Tony "Voodoo" Lovelace is the drummer and Alex "Junior" Loeber plays the Bass. The band has opened for several national acts like DevilDriver, Gwar, Warbeast, Crowbar, Texas Hippie Coalition and The Misfits. The band has recorded (2) two full length albums since 2010 and expects a third album to be released in March of 2013.

Chicago musicians and outlaws have been making runs to the warm weather city of Dallas, Texas since long before the bootlegging days of past. Today, this migratory trail of music and debauchery is still well traveled. The band has been known to play metal clubs from Chicago to Texas. They are also known to play at the many "Ride for Dime" charity bike rides/concerts in Memory of Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

In anticipation of the new album release, Habit of Force is releasing a new single, free to download which includes (3) new tracks from their new album due in March. Visit the band's website and click on the Shop to find the download link.



Download iTunes
01.02.2013 - 07:21

Let me know what you guys think. It's a basement recording.. Just left alone no mixing tricks or anything (obviously).
20.02.2013 - 04:57
Captain Impulse


Lumus is a gothic, symphonic metal band from Portland, Oregon. Their songs recall otherworldly visions out of myth and literature: a mermaid's tears, a fallen angel's pride, and vengeful gods of Olympus. Their music weaves haunting melodies of voice and violin together with infectious rhythms and a guitar that growls like a hungry black beast.

Their debut album, Bacchus Curse was mastered by Logan Mader (of Machine Head), and has been nominated for Best Symphonic Metal Album 2012 by Metal Storm Magazine! A heartfelt thanks Metal Storm! If you like Lumus' music, please vote for them!

20.02.2013 - 17:26
PANTHEON formed in York, England - due to release new EP entitled 'INTERVENTION' on 28th February.

Available on digital download on I-tunes and Amazon Mp3
Followed by a limited run of CD copies, signed to order and packed in Digipack with full colour artwork.

A preview track 'Voice of Hate' is available to stream from:

There are 2 release shows lined up:

30th March @ The Duchess, York
11th April @ Grand Central, Manchester

Please visit the official site for regular updates…

04.03.2013 - 02:04

raw, atmospheric black metal from the bay area. Full length coming next week on Acephale WInter Productions
15.03.2013 - 01:58
Hi everyone,
my name's Elyza, I'm a singer from Italy.
Please let me introduce you my power symphonic metal Band Reasons Behind.
You can find us on

Here's one of our songs...1000 Fading Lives

P.S. If you like us and wants to support us, you can follow these instructions: could win a production with Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine).
13.04.2013 - 10:57
Project Ruins
Hey all.

I am part of an International group called Project Ruins.
We are a project focused solely on writing music through online collaboration.
Our members are based in the UK, USA, Poland and Australia.

Here is the single from our upcoming album "Closing the Season", due later this year (2013)

If you like what you hear, come over and say hi on our Facebook !

We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon, to help pay for the record.
If you are in anyway interesting in supporting us through a rewarded donation, then keep in contact on FB.

Take care, Project Ruins.
- Zac, Vocalist
Purchase the new single "CULL" here -