Benighted vs. Aborted

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Posted by Visioneerie, 05.06.2008 - 01:19
Two european brutal dm bands that have some similarities, for instance they are both brutal while being able to put in some melodic passages in their music. The question is who do you think is better between these two at doing it, which band interests you more and why ?

I'll put my vote in for Benighted because their album Icon was groundbreaking. They offer intense music while maintaining a groove very often, which in my opinion Aborted is a little less better at doing so, but still quite good.


Two rising brutal DM acts, which one do you prefer ?


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20.10.2013 - 02:07
Vitriolic Hate
Chaos Reaper
Written by Dangerboner on 08.08.2008 at 02:03

Written by Vitriolic Hate on 08.08.2008 at 01:07

I prefer Aborted because is multidimensional band!!!!!

I don't see how Aborted is more multidimensional than Benighted. For the most part, Aborted's albums are in the same style, but Benighted lets their influences show through the music, making them much more dynamic.

I take back this old post, Benighted are fucking awesome & energetic band, they found their way in my favorite bands, Aborted on the other hand they had remained a bit stale since The Archaic Abattoir.