Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (Contains spoilers)

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Posted by Damnated, 23.06.2006 - 14:17
I read the book a week ago in a day, and just now I understood it. It is a very complex and mature book, but the story was shallow, I missed the 'good old HP feeling', but I guess, it just would not fitted the story. SO what do you guys think about it? I really hope that we will see more then just another HP book, I mean the story is just so complicated all of the sudden, that it would be a shame to finish it with just one volume, but I guess the future will tell.
28.12.2006 - 13:34
Electric Witch
The last volume should be available in December 2007 and his title is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I will probably order it as soon as I can
I wish I had a mental survival kit...