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  24.06.2006 at 12:48
I'm pretty surprised that there isn't a thread for this extremely tight new school German thrash/death band. Either they are extremely under the radar (hard to believe since they are on Nuclear Blast records) or else nobody either knows about them or likes them, which I also find hard to believe. All you have to do is take one listen to them to realize that with the help of a band like this, Thrash metal is alive and well.

One of the more interesting things about this band is that everyone of their albums will start with the letter "I". The debut, Immortelle in 1996 up til last year's excellent release, Issue VI. With Innoscent, Ill-Natured, Inwards, and Impact in between. For those of you who know about and like the band, tell us why. For those of you who don't know much about them, here is your oppurtunity to find out first hand.

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  21.07.2006 at 18:50
I have their latest release "issueVI" and it is excellent! i saw this band play with grave and cryptopsy earlier this year and they where excellent! i will be getting albums from their back catalogue in the near future!

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  21.07.2006 at 19:01
Finally a thread about this band! I can't start one because I don't have 100 posts AAAAAAHHHHHHH!
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  31.07.2006 at 05:49
Great band.

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  12.08.2006 at 04:59
I have "Ill Natured" and "Inwards" albums, I like "Ill Natured" a lot, it's a great album good death and thrashy metal, the best combination. They were very young when they did this album, it's ....... how can I say? ..... very authentic.
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  15.08.2006 at 22:55
I heard a song from them centuries ago, I think it was called "Acts of Rage" or something like that, and it was pretty good. I don't know why I haven't checked more from them, I gotta do it.
Daru Jericho

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  16.08.2006 at 02:52
I recently got into this band after hearing all the fuss about them and got the album Inwards, supposedly their best effort.. Although the album is good and haven't given it a savage listening like I usually do to new albums I have to say, it wasn't as good as I hoped but it was good death metal. I always thought the vocals could be much vetter though. I think I'd like them better if they were a full on death metal unti too rather than all the thrash stuff they have.
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  16.08.2006 at 06:55
they are one of the tightest thrash bands out there. i saw them live, and they fuckin' killed! the musicianship was magnificent! issue vi is deadly!

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  01.09.2006 at 06:59
So few posts in this thread confirmed to me that Dew Scented is an underrated band, I don't know why, because they have so good thrash sound
Mr. Noise

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  27.04.2007 at 02:10
Seen them live some time ago, they were pretty good. And surprising, since I've never heard of them before.

I am going to check out some of their stuff.
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  27.04.2007 at 11:05
like nervel i saw them at the no mercy show with moonspell and napalm death (and behemoth and root, check out the review here)

they really managed to impress me, they had an excellent live show,
i should get my hands on some of their albums
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  17.08.2007 at 01:12
I just got Inwards today and it's fucking great. It's fast and catchy, and the drummer is amazing as usual. I don't know yet if I like it more than Issue VI, but it definitely comes close.
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  21.08.2007 at 14:41
Pretty good band, actually. I own their last three records, and I must say they impressed me with their style. They play pretty simplistic Death/Thrash Metal, but they are really good, and they really know how to write a catchy, aggressive song.

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  18.10.2007 at 06:25
I downloaded Impact quite a while ago, it's pretty good and consistent but as time went by I realized it's also very samey. Often I'll get one of the riffs in my head and ten seconds later I'm singing a different song from the album. I've heard a few songs from their later stuff, which just seemed worse IMO, but songs like Acts of Rage and Slaughtervain are good to listen to once in a while.

Also to the original poster, there should be a - instead of a space in the name, and technically this is learning second-hand First-hand is here
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  17.07.2009 at 15:48
Great Melodeath/Thrash band,sometimes they reminding me The Haunted & At The Gates,awesome riffs!!! check also Hatesphere they have simiral sound!!!

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