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Which one is your favorite?

In the Arms of Devastation6
Shadows and Dust5
Serenity in Fire3
Epic: The Poetry of War2
Temple of Knowledge1
The Prophecy1
Victims of this Fallen World0

Total votes: 24


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Age: 29
From: USA

  21.07.2008 at 22:29
My favorite is Shadows and Dust. It was the first album by Kataklysm I heard, and the opening song instantly made me hooked and remains my favorite song by them to this day. I got bored and decided to make my own list, but albums 2-6 aren't necessarily in correct order.

1. Shadows and Dust
2. Sorcery
3. Epic: The Poetry of War
4. Temple of Knowledge
5. The Prophecy
6. Serenity in Fire
7. In the Arms of Devastation
8. Prevail
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Age: 31
From: Sweden

  21.07.2008 at 22:54
I acnt choose between Temple of Knowledge and Sorcery, but Temple of Knowledge I like this lil better, actualy those are only 2 albums what I liie from band others are OK, but not for long lsitening and first 2 remainds me Bal-Sagoth type of lyric writing
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From: Slovenia

  22.07.2008 at 21:45
The Prophecy for me...I was choosing between this one and Shadows And Dust, which is also one of the best their albums IMO.

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Age: 30
From: Chile

  24.07.2008 at 02:33
Epic, by far, the prophecy and sorcery are great death metal albums, but I think they're not so incredible as Epic
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Age: 35
From: USA

  15.09.2008 at 03:01
Not voting because I've only heard Prophecy, Sorcery, and Shadows and Dust. But of those three, I think Shadows and Dust really got it right, whereas the others were good, but not at the same level.
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Age: 31
From: Portugal

  15.09.2008 at 03:17
I must say that Kataklysm has never let me down even with Prevail (in fact I like it a lot). All albums I have are great IMO. Although Shadows And Dust and maybe Epic are my favourite. I'll vote Shadows and Dust.
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From: Canada

  01.11.2008 at 14:33
Old stuff sucks, IMO, it's just plain chaos and noise. I voted for Serenity In Fire, cause the blast beats are better on this one than any other Kat album. The drummer who was replacing Max Duhamel on Serenity is much faster. Also, though it is not as melodic as In the Arms of Devastation and Prevail, Serenity mixes melodic guitars with brutal drumming and that's why it gets my vote.
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  03.11.2008 at 18:10
I voted for The Arms of Devistation. I liked almost every song of that album which I never did for any other album.
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Age: 20
From: Canada

  20.05.2010 at 18:08
Preveil- only because of blood in heaven
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Age: 27
From: Croatia

  08.06.2010 at 21:56
Devastation and Prevail becouse many bands can play heavy riffs with fast drummning but not many of those can combine that with catchy melodies
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Age: 20
From: Canada

  09.06.2010 at 20:55
@NB I love how he doesn't break out in stupid high pitched singing i love low death metal
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From: Bulgaria

  09.06.2010 at 21:12
Serenity in Fire, IMO. First Kataklysm album I heard and my favorite.
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From: USA

  20.06.2010 at 06:51
I've actually only listened to Prevail. The only tracks that stood out to me were Chains Of Power and the tital track, Prevail.
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Age: 35
From: USA

  20.06.2010 at 22:09
Written by SerratedSyringe on 20.06.2010 at 06:51

I've actually only listened to Prevail. The only tracks that stood out to me were Chains Of Power and the tital track, Prevail.

That isn't a very good album to start with. Try listening to Shadows & Dust and Sorcery.
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From: Germany

  24.07.2010 at 19:58
1. In The Arms Of Devastation
2. Shadows & Dust
3. Prevail
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  08.07.2011 at 16:22
I only heard Shadows & Dust. I quite like it, but I won't vote till I hear at least two others.

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  08.07.2011 at 18:36
do you have vocal notes for enter sandman??
...sorry..i am new to this site & i dont know
where can i post for forums..
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Age: 37
From: Ireland

  08.07.2011 at 19:05
For me Kataklysm are band that are never going to surprise. I have most of their stuff some cool stuff, some bland. Epic..... would probably my favourite though.

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