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29.07.2008 - 17:10
Bad English
Its awsome Greek band, its A legendary band
I dont wanna say much so here is some facts

Another of the most important groups of the '80s in Greece was definitely Spitfire.Everything began in an ideal way:The band drew the attention of EMI Greece and so,it was one of the very few fortunate metal bands that had the support of a Greek major label.The debut 'First Attack'(1986), which contained metal songs of various directions,ranging from the Y&T US metal to intense,up-tempo power metal,was destined to succeed as the professional sound,the very good promotion and the existence of some great compositions('Lead me on','Explosion','Whispers' and more)made the difference.Unfortunately,things didn't turn exactly this way,as the band due to various problems-like the severe injury of the singer Dinos Kostakis in a car accident-didn't manage to fulfill its potential and the great expectations were never realised(at least to a satisfactory extent).In 1990 one the most essential releases for Greek metal is the live album of Spitfire under the name Speedfire(legal restrictions didn't allow the band to use the name Spitfire),entitled '100% Live' on Molon Lave records, a label with mostly thrash/death bands but also very helpful for the Greek metal in general.That live took place in Greece's best metal club,Rhodon,and to our opinion it's a must have LP for two reasons:i)stands as a good live album,ii)features killer songs like 'Taste the fire','Fool Enough',etc. not availbable on their first studio album.Also,to our experience as metal collectors this is a very rare case that a metal band with only one studio album out releases as a follow up to it a live one. Bands like Lester Maddox,Full Moon(Norway),AIIZ have tried something similar.Speedfire or Spitfire if you prefer still go strong today,acting mainly as a live band that is expected to release new material from time to time

''Firts Attack''
''100% Live''

I realy love Dinos Kotsakis voice into album ''First Attack'' realy awsome

Its rear 2 albums of band, basicly one album are other are for colectionars and rear staff

offical site
for those who dont know how band sounds
myspace fan site
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

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