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Posted by Stigmatized, 25.06.2006 - 18:20
For those of you who don't know, BLS is a band led by guitarist Zakk Wylde of Ozzy Osbourne fame. From what I understand, BLS was formed in 1998. The band has released 7 studio albums, and have apparently finished recording the follow-up to their 2005 album, Mafia. The album is supposedly titled "Shot to Hell"

I enjoy this band.....some good jams. As always, let me know your opinion on the band, favorite songs/album, etc.....
11.08.2008 - 03:30
I read online that during this year's Ozzfest, after Ozzy ended, Zakk played an epic half hour long guitar solo. Damn...I wish I could have seen that.
13.08.2008 - 03:51
love, LOVE ,LovE BLS
Gotta love Zakk man, fav album? Shot to Hell.
Favourite song has to be Devil's Dime, obviously written for one of Zakk's BEST friends who passed away, Dime Bag Darrell
Excellent album all round, and if you dont mind a little bit of sallon bar rock slash metal, have a listen 8/10 from me
14.06.2009 - 19:20
Great band,of course Zakk's one of the greates guitarist in the world.And i respect him because when Dimebag died he was the only one who had shown his emtions because of Dimes death.
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15.06.2009 - 02:35
Marcel Hubregtse
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Black Label Society's Just Killing Time will ALWAYS give me visions of September 11th 2001 cause when stepping the car back home after work that day... btw I work as a subtitler for Dutch television and of course had to work overtime that day due to the WTC collapse and had to work for 16 hours straight cause of continuous news broadcasts... when I pressed play at the time to finally drive home that was the song that came up (had Stronger Than Death in the car's cd player. Especially that first verse seemed to hit home so incredibly hard and true at the time (but thank God it didn't turn out that way)

I sit reflecting
I feel the end has just begun
It seems my days now mirror
The setting sun
So many places that I have been
This ride that was long seems
So short in terms of now and then

and I really just sat there reflecting cause I did feel the end had just begun.
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15.06.2009 - 07:30
Doc G.
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Written by Dangerboner on 11.08.2008 at 03:30

I read online that during this year's Ozzfest, after Ozzy ended, Zakk played an epic half hour long guitar solo. Damn...I wish I could have seen that.

No you don't. It wasn't after Ozzy ended, it was like halfway through the set, and it got soooooo fucking boring withing 5 minutes of it.
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20.11.2011 - 16:13
I find that Zakk Wylde is losing his touch with the more recent BLS albums......Like, I don't know......the newer songs don't seem to move me.
The first two albums were possibly the best.