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Southern Wind
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  06.10.2008 at 04:22
Allow has been leaked, and I had been listening to it a lot these last days. Once again, just like what happens with every Skepticism album/ep/demo ever released, this is FAR from being flawless, still it is an IMMENSE funeral doom metal album. On average is heavier than the earlier stuff, with a production more focused in distortion and keyboards constructing in a more concrete way the structure of the songs, in comparison to the earlier stuff in which it was used as a tool to build the ceremonial ambience.

Alloy is probably a more "generic" funeral doom album than the other ones. It is more focused in the metal part of the equation, being not as important as before the dark ambient influences (at least for what we can hear). Seems like Skepticism are feeding in the scene that had taken a lot from themselves, and although the result is an album that won't become a classic like Stormcrowfleet or Ethere, it is still one of the greatest doom metal releases of the year so far.

But it's too early to write a "review" for this stuff. I still have to let it mature with the months and listens and wait until I get my original copy to truly know what we have here, but at fist sight, this is very, VERY good.
Mr. Noise

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  06.10.2008 at 16:34
Cannot wait to see them at the Dutch Doom Days at the end of the month. I own a couple of albums from them, namely Stormcrowfleet, Ethere, Aes and Lead And Aether. My favourite are Stormcrowfleet and Ethere, but I'm hoping for a good Alloy. I'd also like to pick up Farmakon sometime soon.
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Bad English

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  06.10.2008 at 18:28
Realy good band indeed, even I havnt hear new album, all others realises from this band are so great, sad and awesome, but somehow tahy looks diferent how other funeral doom bands who's active, my fan are The Funeral Orchestra, but I love this one too, band name are so great
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  07.10.2008 at 11:21
Yeah Stormcrowfleet got me into funeral doom and it's still one of the best of the genre in my opinion. Got hold of Allow yesterday but have yet to listen to it. Sure it'll be good.

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  07.10.2008 at 12:42
I've listened to a couple of songs of Alloy and they make me hope for the best for the whole album... I found these songs much heavier and also a little faster tahn their previous material. And I, like Lucas, can't wait to see them at Dutch Doom Day, they are my most anticipated band of the week end with Worship.

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