Top 10-20 Favorite Live Bands

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19.10.2008 - 04:36
First off, I know there's already a favorite live band thread, but that's only meant for one. Also, I don't know if this should go in the arena or the general thread because it's not really a battle, but I don't really care lol.

If you can't do a top 20, then feel free to do a top 10 or whatever.

1. Dying Fetus
I think I have a man crush on John Gallagher. They're more brutal than bleaching your asshole.
2. Lamb of God
I've never cared about them too much on CD, but live they're just insane, or at least they used to be. The two most brutal mosh pits I've ever been in were during both Lamb of God shows.
3. Cephalic Carnage
These guys are good on CD, but they're entirely different live. They're way faster in concert and they don't fuck around by chit chatting in between songs. Back when they had Jawsh they would rotate positions every so often so everyone would share vocal duties, but now it's all Lenzig. They even wear masks sometimes lol.
4. Cryptopsy
They're pretty much just as insane live as they are on their albums. Too bad I only managed to see them play four songs
5. Nevermore
I was lucky enough to see them twice during special shows where they played for about two hours both times. They're seriously heavy...
6. Deicide
I saw them either in the beginning of 2006 or the end of 2005, right when they hired Ralph and Jack. They only played their classic songs and they played much faster.
7. Immolation
I would have to say Immolation is the heaviest live band I've ever seen. I don't get how they do it. And that bald guitarist is a fucking stud.
8. Candlemass
Another really heavy live band, and they even sped things up live. Rob Lowe has great stage presence and seeing all of Mappe's soloing was badass.
9. Krisiun
They're only three dudes, but they play fast as fuck and just dish out song after song after song without stopping.
10. Gospel of the Horns
This is one of my biggest surprises. I knew they'd be good, but I wasn't aware how much they step up their game live. They really hooked everyone in the crowd.
11. Skinless
I don't really give a shit about this band on CD, but they're so good live that I'll probably see them every time they come. They're just so fucking energetic and the all-female mosh pit that they initiated was hilarious.
12. Origin
Probably the fastest bad ever... seeing the bassist and guitarist play at a high speed while screaming made my jaw drop. The lead singer is a fat motherfucker.
13. Overkill
Pretty much same thing as Skinless, but minus the all-female mosh pit lol, hence the lower rating
14. Carcass
I was really drunk during their set and had to leave halfway through, but I really had a fun time watching these guys. They exceeded my expectations.
15. Cattle Decapitation
I'm a little surprised that this band is so low on my list, but considering all the bands I've seen, it's still a good slot. Travis has the best stage presence ever with his drooling and gargling.
16. Deeds of Flesh
They kinda just stand there, but the sound is really pummeling and more energetic than you would think.
17. Misery Index
I think this band is just okay on CD, but all the grooves and speed they play live really ignites a good moshing.
18. Suffocation
Okay now I really have no idea how these guys got so low on my list, but I'm too lazy to rearrange, and I get really drunk at shows (usually) so I can't remember every detail. But anyways, they're aggressive as fuck but I just wish Frank would shut the fuck up sometimes. Terrance is my nig.
19. GWAR
pretty obvious I think
20. Watain
This is another band that surprised me. The vocals are very strong live and the songs are even catchier on stage.
25.10.2008 - 07:04
Doc G.
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Ooo good topic.

1. Guns N Roses
It could be the anticipation I had before hand that made it even better, or that GnR are one of my favorite bands, or that Axl Rose is probably one of my top 5 favorite vocalists, but seeing those classics performed live and being front and center for them was incredible.

2. Judas Priest
Saw them twice over the summer, possibly the best songs to chant along to in a live atmosphere.

3. Iron Maiden
I think the reasons are obvious, I put them behind Judas Priest mostly because of the sing-along factor, I find the Judas Priest song are a lot easier-and more fun, to sing a long to live.

4. Motorhead
Favorite band, did not disappoint, what more can I say?

5. Arch Enemy
Seen them twice already, both times they were incredible, they are just satisfying all around.

6. High On Fire
That grease-ball Matt Pike has got a hell of a lot of stage presence, there was a lot of energy on stage regardless of the far too short of a set.

7. DevilDriver
One band that completely changed my view on them after seeing them live, which is a great task considering I can be a close minded prick at times, I've never seen one band initiate such a giant mosh pit and make the crowd turn as violent.

8. 3 Inches Of Blood
The same reason as DevilDriver, I used to hate this band, but they totally changed my view after seeing them live. At the same time they seem to have a closeness to the crowd that can be good and bad, sometimes it can feel like I just went to go see a friends bad, which is bad when you paid $15+ to see them, but its also nice because the show doesn't seem "too big".

9. Heaven & Hell
Easily the heaviest sound I've ever heard/felt live, simple as that

10. Watain
I'm not really into this band at the moment, but your right pyroleperchaun, the vocals are so much better live, and the all around sound and atmosphere is whats perfect for a black metal show.

13. Neil Young
Mostly because I've been a Neil Young fan for years, and I finally got to see those classics performed live, that old man still rocked out really hard. And 'Hey Hey, My My' was actually really fucking heavy live.

12. Opeth
They are on the end of my list because the first time I saw them it was incredible, my first metal show, the second time I saw them they chose terrible songs for the set, their set was too short, and the sound quality was crap, even though they performed well.

Short list because I still need to see more bands...
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27.10.2008 - 06:43
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1. Metallica

2. Iron Maiden

3. Dragonforce

4. In Flames

5. Hammerfall

Haven't seen other live.
12.11.2008 - 17:40
1. Dying Fetus- Seriously destructive live, hard to describe.

2. Gojira- Played before Behemoth and basically stole the show. I'm seeing them again in December, I hope it's just as intense as last time.

3. Virgin Black- Not what you would think of when you think of good live bands, but their sound is so dead on and encompassing that you have to pay attention.

4. Blind Guardian- Probably the most fun I've ever had during a show. The power metal "moshpit" was lol-worthy but the band was really good and very entertaining.

5. Lamb of God- I don't care if you don't like them on CD. I don't care what you think of them at all, go see them live. They blew Slayer away. The amount of energy from their show was unreal.

6. Moonspell- Very memorable for me. I've been a fan for awhile and seeing them live was a great experience. Their sound wasn't mixed all that well, but it was still a lot of fun.

7. Lust of Decay- They had no bassist for this show (Joe Payne), but it didn't matter. They're crazy fast and Jay is a monster of a vocalist for being such a small guy.

8. Foetopsy- The funniest live band I've seen by far. Most bands try to be serious, but these guys are fun even on CD. The vocalist was constantly cracking jokes and was wearing tampons on his belt. They also played, at a fan's request, a totally improvised one-second song.

9. Iced Earth- Another heavy-as-hell band. It was great seeing Matt Barlow back with them, but seeing with Tim Owens would have been fine too.

10. Dark Tranquillity- Great setlist, great sound and it was also the first time I got front row.

Honorable Mentions-

Putrid Pile
Into Eternity

Bands that sucked-

Cannibal Corpse (both times)
The Haunted
Five Finger Death Punch
Job For a Cowboy (first time wasn't that bad, second time was fucking terrible)
Impetigo (I'm sure they were great in their prime, but they just didn't have it when I saw them)
26.07.2011 - 02:53
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Of the bands I've seen thus far:

01. Agalloch - They are the most recent band I've seen. Amazing performance. They put a lot of emotion and energy into their intimate small shows. The songs were very accurately performed as well. It's an emotional and musical experience not to miss if you have the opportunity.

02. Mastodon - When you catch them on a night where they are performing well, their show is killer. I saw them for the second time when they headlined the first Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta. It was dark outside, it was February, everyone was huddled together under the tent at The Masquerade's music park and Mastodon took the stage going straight into "Hearts Alive" without saying a word. They didn't hardly say a word the whole night. They just let the music do the talking and it was epic.

03. Arsis - They're just a great band to see live and I caught them right after their second album was released and they were playing a lot of their early material from A Celebration of Guilt.

04. Septic Flesh - This band just crushes live. Nough said.

05. Decapitated - Heavy heavy heavy live. This is music to move to, mosh, headbang, throw up the horns.

05. Necrophagist - Another band that puts a lot of effort into sounding "right" live. Saw these guys when they headlined the first summer slaughter tour. They put on a great show and the crowd was just really into it, which plays a huge role in the impact of a show.

06. Slayer - Every metalhead should see them live once. They are just a great live band. Even when they are on a huge stage, they have this brooding evil and in your face atmosphere.

07. Ensiferum - This is a fun band to see live, especially if you enjoy singing along on some catchy tunes.

08. In Flames - Love em or hate em, they put on a good live show. Saw them during the tour cycle between Soundtrack and Come Clarity, so they still played a few older songs and a lot of their better newer ones. I love their Reroute to Remain album and I got to see a lot of good songs off that album performed.

09. Toxic Holocaust - I don't really care a lot for this band's lyrical content, but dang do they put on an energetic live show.

10. Cannibal Corpse - This band is just too entertaining live to be missed. I'm not sure what was more entertaining, the band or watching two handicapped guys in wheel chairs mosh against each other while the band played. See them at a small/medium venue not at a fest.
26.07.2011 - 03:00
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From what I read here, I am really anticipated to see Dying Fetus. Problem is, we have no concerts here...
01.08.2011 - 04:06
Of the 8 bands Iv'e seen so far...

1. Iron Maiden
2. Rush
3. Dream Theater
4. AC/DC
5. Megadeth
6. Metallica
7. Anthrax
8. Slayer (not a fan at all, sorry)

Looking forward to seeing Sabaton and Judas Priest this fall. I'm almost certain Sabaton will be my fav live band afterwards
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