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Posted by Sekhmet on 30.06.2006 at 15:39
Since I've just finished submitting pictures of their albums, I might as well start a thread about this great folk metal band, Skyclad!

Those pioneers of Folk Metal are currently working on a new album, which was supposed to be released in fall 2006 (that's what was initially planned even though nothing's sure now that Black Lotus Records (their label) has run out of business).

So, what do you think about them? I personally respect them a lot as fathers of Folk Metal, and I simply worship some of their albums (haven't listened to their whole discography yet). For example Oui Avantgarde A Chance is one of their finest works IMO, a folk metal masterpiece Other great albums are (IMO) A Semblance Of Normality, Folkemon or Vintage Whine.

Another important aspect of their music (apart from the folk instruments and atmosphere) is their lyrics: they deal with a wide variety of real-world themes (as well as more personal issues) including poverty, drugs, environmentalism, politics, urban decay, paganism, society and commercialism. Really thoughtful lyrics, with puns and wordplays... It's definitely worth paying attention to them

So, what do you guys (and gals ) think about them??

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Wicked Mung

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From: USA

  25.02.2009 at 23:08
They are the pioneers of Folk metal. No one better, no one will ever be better... Mad respect for the almighty Skyclad!


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From: The Netherlands

  26.02.2009 at 22:33
A friend of mine took me to one of their concerts a few years ago. I've never heard of them, but their energy during the show was so contagious, that I immediately liked these guys. Amazing band, their cd's aren't easy to find here, but I have found a couple of them, great stuff.

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From: USA

  13.09.2009 at 00:31
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Age: 25
From: The Netherlands

  13.09.2009 at 05:59
I wish these guys would re-release their older albums, they are almost impossible to find nowdays.
Saelig Se
Darkside Momo
Lazy, just lazy

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From: France

  13.09.2009 at 11:50
Written by Pétur on 13.09.2009 at 05:59

I wish these guys would re-release their older albums, they are almost impossible to find nowdays.

Problem is, their old stuff was edited by Noise. They went down, the rights on their stuff was bought by Sanctuary... who went bankrupt too. So now I don't know who holds them...

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Bad English

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  06.01.2013 at 03:30
I listened this band agan, Im not so good familiar whit bands music, but when I listen it in old days it was not good to me, now seems its OK, maybe not metal in it traditional meening but good muisc, better than Mago de Oz IMO , good quate interesting and band seems find insipration in ango saxon, celtric folk stuff not in metal, lyrics wa sinteresting maybe if we go deeper in lyrics we can find paraels whit old heaten rituals, things
I will defenetly listen this band more in next fiew days
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