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  14.07.2006 at 02:18
Greetings Metal Stormers!

Well, so i just got back from my vacation in Abaco, i met these MetalHeads who were locals.....well i would tell the whole story but if i do in this particular thread, the mods will be all over this thread like flies on shit due to the irrelevance

I'll post a more detailed story in the "High/Low Points of your day" thread in the 'MetalStormers' forum.

but to make a long story short, i met these metalheads who were older than me and who always had mixed drinks with them....and i kind ov asked them to sneak me some drinks. 3 out ov the 6 nights i had in Abaco were nights ov Drunkardness, and my parents never found out lol.........and just last night, i hung out with a few ov them as they drove me through the bushes on a golf cart and as i got mashed up, one ov them said to me that he wants me to listen to a burnt copy ov this demo he has.....it was by a band no one has ever heard ov, he said.

The band was none other than a new Florida Death Metal band....... FLESH HUNTER!

they are not all that techniqual really, but they are very 'br00tal' (as you death-metallers say) and their sound is somewhat attractive if you dig extreme metal. They are unsigned......And ummm, so has anybody heard ov them?

if not, here's a link:


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  12.10.2006 at 16:54
@Danzig111 are you shore thay exist MA dont show nothingh
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  18.04.2008 at 01:37
Great sound! I didn't know them but know I've already became a fan!
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