Favorite Napalm Death Album

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Which one is your favorite?

From Enslavement to Obliteration
Harmony Corruption
Utopia Banished
Enemy of the Music Business
Smear Campaign
Order of the Leech
The Code is Red... Long Live the Code
Time Waits For No Slave

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02.05.2009 - 01:28
I thought about making this poll a while ago but I could never decide which one was my favorite. It's really close, but I think From Enslavement to Obliteration slightly tops Scum... well, at the moment. The songs Mentally Murdered, Cock-Rock Alienation, and Unchallenged Hate are awesome, and for some reason I really like how the album starts. Scum is a very close second though, with songs like Siege of Power, Control, Scum, Human Garbage, and C.S., plus what attracts me to that album the most is how well the groovy sections mix with all the speed.

There were a couple of albums I couldn't fit in the poll and I didn't include compilations.
02.05.2009 - 09:27
Fire from Above
Personally I liked Fear Emptyness Despayre the best.
They solidified their style a lot in that album & they also sorta set their tone for a lot of their later albums too.
That's it, I'm done.
02.05.2009 - 11:27
Harmony corruption is near and dear to me, as it was my first proper dm purchase way back in 90/91. i love he morrisound production on this release as it really made Mick Harris' drumming stand out as it was the center of everything going 'round. i bought the next couple as the were released - "Utopia Banished", and "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" an they just didn't stack up. "Scum" and "From Enslavement" had some nice tracks, but just didn't compare, overall, to "Harmony Corruption."

Some 18 years after i initially bought it, it is still, by far, my favorite Napalm album.
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22.06.2009 - 13:10
Koen Smits
Thinking about a month on this...can't pick one for the moment.
I think it's gonna be Harmony Corruption or Utopia...
From Enslavement To Obliteration has also a chance an the last albums are also geat.
I will return...
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15.06.2012 - 14:47
Infernal Eternal
Scum is the best.
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