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Posted by Uirapuru, 30.05.2009 - 12:55
I thought in creating this thread mostly to trade information among latin american bands who plays metal with folkloric basis (lyrically or instrumentally), and also to spread some info about great bands who still doesn't have a profile here, or remain extremly underground.

The Peruvian and Mexican scenes are the ones with a larger number of bands, but the best ones in my opinion remain in Chile, Argentina and Colombia. I've tried to separate the bands for country to see what they have to offer.


Ahpuch Oztoc - A black metal group. Again with a rich lyrical content of paganism and revolutions. Musically they are just average, but there are much worse BM bands in this genre.

Balam-Akab - Another band that follows the mexican folk/black tradition successifully started with Xibalba. And that is in fact the name of the band's only full-lenght. With a nice production, different from the two previous bands, makes this band much more accessible. One of the best in the folk/black scene. Quality comproved.

Yaotl Mictlan - Already with a profile and a review here on MS, there's not much to say about them. Death/black metal, revolution and pagan lyrics, indigenous instruments. Everything decent but a little repetitive.

Ehecatl - EK - Hacavitz - Mictlan - Muluc Pax - Xibalba - Yaoyotl

All these bands are raw black metal bands. Xibalba is one of the most important bands in this genre, since they are pratically the pioneers. Called my attention EK and Hacavitz for their superior quality, on the other side, Yaoyotl is one of the worst bands i've ever heard in my life, impossible to enjoy, pure trash, recommend it to anyone.


Ayahuaira - Raw black metal with the folkloric influences soften the sound a little bit. Already split up releasing only two demos.

Kay Pacha - I usually enjoy raw black metal. But this band is horrible. Better stay away from them.

Kranium - Now a great band again. Progressive death metal. Saving peruvian folk metal scene along with Chas'ka and Nahual.

Chas'ka - Nahual

These two bands represents the pinnacle of Peruvian folkloric metal. Both only released one full-lenght, but it is enough to show their quality. Black metal albums, but filled with instrumental songs very pleasant. Sure they deserve more success than they get.

Pagapu - Yana Raymi - Misa Negra

All average black metal bands. But they show some traces of quality, specially Misa Negra.


Folkheim - The chilenean scene is among the best three in latin american folk. Folkheim is a beautiful piece of music. Their EP Pachakuti is emotionally rich, mixing like no other band the indigenous instruments with the melodic black metal. Melancholic atmosphere, great drum and theme.

Wangelen - With Folkheim, already has a profile here on MS. Both bands are very similar. Wangelem slightly inferior due to the production. But still they deserve to be here.

Uaral - One of the most famous and successful from the genre. Due to the doom metal roots. In the top three of Folkloric oriented metal bands in the world.


Diadema Tristis - There is a profile here on MS, and a good review by Undercraft. One of the most beautiful pieces of Instrumental/Doom/Folk ever heard. The songs with lyrics usually presents an Andean reference. Too bad they released only one Full-lenght, and just back to 2005.

Yanaconas - Heavy metal with folk. Average band, the songs end up kinda annoying, but the thematic is perfect, and the album is well produced.


Shamely one of poorest folk metal scenes.

Florestas Negras - Black metal band. Folkloric influences only lyrically, as their sound is pure raw black metal with occasional melodic parts. Not a best effort considering the value of a black/folk metal, but it is a pretty decent band.

Toccata Magna - Power metal, very similar to Aquaria and Angra, but with much more indigenous influence. Are from Porto Alegre, so I had the chance to check them out pretty close. One of the best folk metal bands in the continent, recommendations.


Guahaihoque - Masterpiece alert!! Amazing band. An extreme folk resembling black metal. The use of the flute is epic, the instrumental songs are a transcendental voyage. ''Elder Scrolls'' and ''Woods Whispering'' masterpieces. Sung in english, but that doesn't make much of a difference, since the sound is perfect.


Aztra - One of the most successful in the genre. Play a heavy metal with lots of indigenous instruments, lyrically usually about insurgency, revolts and denouncing massacres. It would be perfect if the female vocals weren't so annoying, she left in the third full-lenght, but this is the worst album.
Anyway, one of the best latin folk still active.

There are a lot more, I hope that someone here also have some knowlege about this kind of music, I'm always ready to search for some new folk metal bands that contribute to the use of different cultures.
03.08.2011 - 17:01
Tuatha de Danann is really great.
There is also Magician, but they are not exactly folk, they are more like power or symphonic
Carry me to the shoreline
Bury me in the sand
Walk me across the water
And maybe you'll understand
18.03.2015 - 16:10
I've seen no Bands from Bolivia (heart of South America) in this list, there are only few, let me recommend you to hear:

- "Alma Eterna" (Folk Metal)
- "Armadura" (Heavy Metal with andean instruments touch)
- "Oscuro Mito" Whom have recently released a first EP (Black Folk Metal)

Hope you to enjoy them!