Happiest/saddest moment of your life

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04.12.2009 - 20:22
Ive been conducting a survey of sorts, for my own personal interest and intrigue.

Its quite simple really. Think back to the time where you were the happiest in your life -- could have been a single day or hour in your life, or over an expense of time. Why were you so happy? And what made you that happy, if anything in particular? Were you just content ... for the hell of being happy? Did you win the lottery? Had you met the love of your life?

Although the above is mostly what interests me, I guess it would only be fair to also discuss what was the saddest moment of your life. Same questions? Why/what caused you to be that sad? Were you just sad ... for the sake of being sad?

It could be several moments respectively, it doesnt only have to be one memory. I understand how hard it could be to pinpoint a direct moment in time, as I am having trouble, but take your time and think about it really thoroughly.

As for me, Im still contemplating it. I have lots of memories, however I really have to think about it. Ill definitely get back to this.

Please, discuss!
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04.12.2009 - 21:34
Valentin B
Hmm.... happy moments as far as i can remember so far:
-when i found out about the Judas Priest gig in Bucharest last summer(i was actually surfing the website at random thinking "gee how cool would it be to see Priest") back in february. i actually let out a tear.
-the 4 days i spent at W.O.A. and to some extent all 11 days i spent in Germany this year.

EDIT i remembered this after what Elio said here:
-another happy moment: when i found out i passed my math exam in July, so many things were hanging by it: if i could get free college for the second year(and if that wasn't the case i'd have had to work the whole summer to pay those damned overpriced taxes), the stress of having to deal with that shit all over again for a third time, also (this i didn't realize at that time) the chances of an Erasmus scholarship, better chances for the free college-sponsored trips this winter and next summer and a whole bunch of other stuff i can't think about right now. all of these would have totally gone to waste if i didn't finally pass that shit and ENDED with advanced mathematics(my most hated subject) ONCE AND FOR ALL. FUCK ADVANCED MATH!!!!!!!

sad moments:
-when i found out the Saxon/Iced Earth gig in Barcelona i was supposed to go to was canceled, only 10 seconds earlier i had closed my media player which was blasting Iced Earth and i was even humming the main riff of "1776". perfect timing lol thankfully i managed to catch Saxon in the mean time and i look forward to (finally, seeing as they're my second all-time favorite band) seeing IE next summer or something.

yeah, i mean, fuck relationships
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04.12.2009 - 22:34
Red Nightmare
Sad moments: - The first two months of 2009 were terrible cause my relationship with Arianna was in its worst part. January was terrible, we had few good moments, harsh querrels, then we definitely broke up the first week of February (after two years and a half) and that month was hard, you can guess why.

- The days when high school was about to end, I knew I was about to lose some very important people, but I'm quite happy cause I'm still in touch with them obviously, I'll meet them soon.

- When Juve lost the CL final vs fucking Milan in 2003

- When I hadn't passed medicine's entry test and realised I put some ticks wrong on the answersheet even if I knew the answers. Those had condemned me.

Happy moments: - When I got accepted at medicine courses

- Some awesome moments I'll share forever in my heart with Arianna or my best friends.
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05.12.2009 - 01:15
I'll skip the saddest moment because I'm don't want to put it on this portal... or any at all. There are only few people who know it and I'm perfectly fine with it.

But, if we're talking about happy moments... Let's see:

+ That's not really a moment, but I really liked my childhood (until the age 7 when I started to go in 2nd class). Each day my mum or dad brought me to the kindergarten where I had played with my friends all day. Life was easy... well, okay, when I started to go to the arts school at age 7, life started to become complicated, haha.

+ Each time I get to know that I'm going somewhere abroad I feel just fantastic. I love to get to know new cultures and lands.

+ I feel great every time after having a really good conversation with any person who has got his/her opinion and we can just talk about anything and it's not like I'm telling something and he/she just agrees or we just argue. Sadly, I'm not capable of having e a long conversation anymore. I'm different.

+ I like to have peace. When I feel no stress and I don't have any undone works or to hurry somewhere and I can just lay in bed, listen to music, think about things, read and have a tea or coffee. Those are my favourite moments.

(yes, I found it very difficult to describe anything particular, haha)
05.12.2009 - 01:26
Account deleted
Happiest moment: when I graduated high school. No longer would I have to go through the bullshit of being rigorously drilled by the government 5 days a week.

Saddest moment: when I heard that my biological father died, which happened at the end of May of this year. He died of heart failure at 59, alone and miserable in a hospital a hundred miles away from me. I'll never be able to forgive myself for not being able to see him one last time.
05.12.2009 - 01:44
Fat & Sassy!
Written by Valentin B on 04.12.2009 at 21:34

sad moments:
-when i found out the Saxon/Iced Earth gig in Barcelona i was supposed to go to was canceled, only 10 seconds earlier i had closed my media player which was blasting Iced Earth and i was even humming the main riff of "1776". perfect timing lol thankfully i managed to catch Saxon in the mean time and i look forward to (finally, seeing as they're my second all-time favorite band) seeing IE next summer or something.

Surely, that is a *Dark Saga* of events. >:[

Like Ragana, I find it hard to pinpoint an exact moment, so I pretty much fail at responding to this topic appropriately... but I'ma do it anyway. :O

I have a very active imagination, and the times I am *most* happy are whenever I get lost in such things such as music, film, literature, day-dreaming, etc. Honestly, I am very unhappy with the world and *most* people who inhabit/inhabited it. I am at my saddest whenever I am forced to face reality and abandon my dreams. I know this may seem hopeless and a bit childish, but I really do feel this way. I absolutely *hate* it when my dreams and fantasies are abruptly interrupted by the disgusting plethora of stupidity and evil that makes up most of humanity. >:/ It's not to say that all people upset me. People who help/have helped to make the world a better place (like artists, some scientists and whatnot), and my close friends (who are all great people) make me very happy too.

Oh, and Cheez-It snacks... I have great memories of eating them too. >:[
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05.12.2009 - 18:33
Update - I realized that one of my happiest moments of my life must be the day when my mother agreed to keep the kitty I brought home without any permission. Now she likes my cat more than me.
05.12.2009 - 19:48
Mr. Doctor
One of the happiest moments in my life was when I met my cat for the first time... My hand was bigger than her. I just knew that she jad to live in our house.

I don't know if this was a happy moment, I mean.. I was really happy, but it was more like a life-changing moment so there were more feelings than just happiness... It was when I was around 12 if I remember correctly and after all the fights and intense conversations with my father, he finally called and I was alone at home so I took the phone and time just froze when he said: "Your mother is allowed to take you and your sister to Sweden so three can live there..."

I can't describe that moment... It was just... Intense, I was speechless the whole time, I just heard my father saying things like "I will always have a room here if you have to come back, I will always be your father..." and many thigns like that while he was crying, but I wasn't really listening...
I was in another place at that time, for a few minutes I just thought of how everything wasn't the same anymore, it was the beginning of a whole new life..... Looking back at those days. I realize more and more how important was that day.
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