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Which did better work for Ozzy?


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  13.02.2010 at 16:01
Which of these two did better work while playing for Ozzy? Note: I'm not talking about Quiet Riot (Randy) or BLS (Zakk), just Ozzy. My vote goes for Randy, although I like Zakk better, the best work was Randy, RIP.
Bad English

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From: Sweden

  13.02.2010 at 17:06
Actualy its not guitarist think but muisca and Ozzy and both are diferent, as far for me, I cant choose, I lik all Ozzy albums, so I cant tell and also there qusten how Ozzy would sounds nowdays if Randy eb alive
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  13.02.2010 at 17:44
Written by Bad English on 13.02.2010 at 17:06

Actualy its not guitarist think but muisca and Ozzy and both are diferent, as far for me, I cant choose, I lik all Ozzy albums, so I cant tell and also there qusten how Ozzy would sounds nowdays if Randy eb alive

Um...i can't....uh..i...what?
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  13.02.2010 at 18:55
In my opinion, Randy was definatly a big help for Ozzy. He was a great guitarist.
Hellish Star

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From: Belgium

  13.02.2010 at 19:26

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From: UK

  14.02.2010 at 03:14
Mr. Randy Rhoads R.I.P

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Age: 23
From: USA

  14.02.2010 at 03:44
Rhoads....And the body style he created for Jackson is my favorite body shape. Jackson RR!!!!!!!!!!

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Age: 29
From: Argentina

  20.02.2010 at 08:26
C'mon!!! Randy Rhoads all the life!! the best guitar player of all time, Zakk is great too, but Rhoads have the feeling... and his licks are so awesome!!! I remember when I was 14 years, and listen at the first time "Tribute" my mind blow away!! and a strange sensation became to me...

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From: Sweden

  14.04.2010 at 23:48
I think Randy Rhoads did play well but Zakk´s the best in my opinion (I´m not talking about whether this one or that one has got better skills).

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From: Egypt

  11.05.2010 at 22:34
Zakk Wylde, i like that he sometimes puts songs in his pinch harmonics

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  27.07.2010 at 14:31
Well, of course it's Rhandy. How can it not be him?

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From: Bulgaria

  27.07.2010 at 15:04
I never got the big deal about Randy Rhoads, but I'm not a big fan of Zakk either, so I'll just null.
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From: USA

  29.07.2010 at 05:41
Randy's Strengths
-great tone, matched by very few other players
-generally wrote great and innovative music
-overall one of the most unique and original guitar players of all time, as well as one of the very best
-Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a Madman

Zakk's strengths
-uses unique pinch harmonics
-has written great music at points
-overall a great player or at the very least very good
-No more Tears

I think that they are both great, but Randy is more innovative and has just a better overall sound and song writing ability.
Doc Godin

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From: Canada

  29.07.2010 at 09:37
I really don't get why anyone would choose Zakk. Randy was just better in pretty much every aspect.
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Angelic Storm

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From: UK

  29.07.2010 at 11:47
My vote definitely goes to Randy, although I think too many people overcriticse Zakk because of his love of pinch harmonics. (much like Kirk Hammett stupidly being branded a "bad guitarist" because he uses wah a lot) Zakk is a good guitar player, and has done some great stuff with Ozzy. And some underrated solos like the one on "Devil's Daughter". Randy was just on another level though, and came up with 2 of metal's all time great guitar solos on one album. I like Zakk, but I prefer Randy.
St. Anger

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From: Germany

  18.08.2010 at 13:48
For me definitely Zakk Wylde
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From: Germany

  22.08.2010 at 07:23
Going to go with Zakk on this one. But in all reallity both are outstanding players! Would have been awesome to see both in the same band!

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From: USA

  03.04.2011 at 23:21
The Macho Man Randy Rhoads!
John Sandman

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From: Portugal

  09.05.2011 at 23:22
Both great, but my vote goes for Randy. One of my favourite guitar players. \m/

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From: USA

  19.05.2011 at 05:15
Randy Rhoads...I don't know what else to say.
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Age: 28
From: Serbia

  20.05.2011 at 14:58
Zakk Wylde,i just love that guy !
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Infernal Eternal

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From: Greece

  09.04.2012 at 16:44
Rhoads wins easily.
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  01.12.2012 at 16:42
In my opinion Randy was the more talented one.

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