Borknagar's Best Vocalist?

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Which of the three Borknagar vocalists is the best?


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20.04.2010 - 03:23
Who is the best out of the three? I chose Garm. What does everyone else think?
20.04.2010 - 03:41
I voted for Vortex, simply as I felt the albums with his vocals were Borknagar's best. It's not that he's the best vocalist out of those three, as overall I prefer other bands that the other two vocalists have been in... But Vortex's vocals with Borknagar seemed to complement Borknagar's music. He had the black metal rasp, but also a melodic style which sounded kind of old fashioned but also unusual with certain unpredictable notes he'd reach. I know it's one of their most well known songs, but Ad Noctum is probably my favourite.

However, the other vocalists in the poll were also great with Borknagar - but I prefer their work with other bands. I've already posted in the Ulver thread, and as for Vintersorg.. I love the early Vintersorg stuff, and his work for Otyg in particular (one of my favourite bands) is fantastic.

BTW, you should explain your own choice, rather than just give the name..!
20.04.2010 - 03:53
Vortex was a good choice. I chose Garm simply because I feel he has the most raw talent. He also laid down the best black metal shreiks for Borknagar of the three with the debut album. His performance there was brutal. His clean singing was some of the best with Borknagar as well. Very unique deep singing done exceptionally right that does not show up in metal enough.

The other two guys are good too. I personally like Vortex better than Vintersorg. They are both weak harsh vocalists. Vortex's singing is prettier than Vintersorg's. Vintersorg has a mechanical singing voice almost. It works for Borknagar due to their rockish sound. His contributions to Borknagar does kind of make them sound like Vintersorg's solo project (newer material).

To me, Garm is the best choice because of his skills in both clean and harsh vocals.
20.04.2010 - 05:03
Liver Failure
Weird... to me Vintersorg is the worst one by far, but the best Borknagar album has his voice on: Empiricism.

The best one is Garm, for both his shrieks and clean vocals are excellent... while Vortex (despite having a remarkable clean vocal) simply cannot scream right, not even snarl, so we have a weird contrast between his beautiful chants with clean voice, and the irritating attemptive of scream. : /

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20.04.2010 - 10:23
The Arkaholic
I chose Vortex as I normally don't listen to the extreme genres.
21.04.2010 - 15:56
Garm is themost wel rounded vocalist of the three. He is the only one who can actually handle harsh vocals. As far as sining goes, he is the most talented, though the other two are pretty good in their own ways.
10.06.2010 - 01:23
Well i choose vintersorg because...well epic is my favorite album
first time i heard him I thought that it sounded terrible but i got used to his voice. I think that his growls/harsh (or whatever) vocals really fit the music. he is also a talented clean singer even if his voice sounds quite weird....
11.06.2010 - 21:59
I chose Vortex because his incredible clean voice
28.08.2010 - 04:02
Poor Vintersorg.
18.08.2011 - 16:56
Account deleted
I only heard Garm.
15.04.2012 - 14:02
Garm is great. Vortex is real good, and Vintersong does the job okay.
19.04.2012 - 23:35
Tough call.

Like all three, but it came down to a dual: Garm V.S Vortex.

I chose the latter as, like an earlier post says, I prefer the albums (overall) where Vortex was on vocal duties.
26.04.2012 - 16:23
Damn its hard to choose because all of them have done good with Borknagar, Vintersorg winds for me, But not by much.