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What sounds better? "Nintendo metal" or Nintendo doing metal?

F-Zero X6

Total votes: 18

The Arkaholic

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From: Sweden
  02.05.2010 at 19:56
For you who don't know, F-Zero is a racing game by Nintendo. Now the interesting part I've noticed about their third game "F-Zero X" is that the soundtrack is heavily inspired by 80s metal.

On the other end we have DragonForce, a band which has stated many times to be influensed by games and specifically nintendo games. Basically, the first thought I had in mind when I took out my old game was "my god, did DragonForce compose the soundtrack?" and then "who's better?" so for me, this poll just had to happen.

Thus the poll is about which of the artists that sounds better.

I've chosen F-Zero X because of its versitality.

some F-Zero X songs:
Some kinda twisted death imitation?
Somehow reminds me of Yngwie Malmsteen.

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From: Mexico

  02.05.2010 at 20:32
You forgot to put the song Silence , is my favorite from F-Zero X, and I voted for F-Zero X, because the main difference between those 2, is that F-Zero X OST is enjoyable and good, while Dragonforce can get really annoying.
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Heaven Knight

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  02.05.2010 at 23:13
Sorry but in this contest, it is DragonForce for me...maybe if you say "compare DF to PowerGlove" then i would be doubting a bit longer...

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Totemic Lust

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From: USA

  03.05.2010 at 02:14
Powerglove < Nintendo < DF

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