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Which one is the pain in ur butt?

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The original post

Posted by Kennoth on 12.05.2010 at 20:36
So, the reason I joined this forum is because the people seem to be tolerant towards more 'alternative' types and fusions of metal genre, even though the extreme metal is probably most popular kind on this forum. Even so, some of the genres (like the top three) usually take a lot of crap/dislike from one reason or another, it doesn't really matter. So, as tolerant and open minded as we all are, we all have some artists/genres we generally don't like, or truly hate.

So, what's your black sheep of the metal family? (and please no crap about 'not metal'). I can respect and tolerate almost anything, but I guess I dislike Black metal the most (and Pornogrind, if you can call it a genre), but there's really no purpose putting poll for it in this forum. Why do I dislike it? I hardly even gave it a try, but it sounds so soulless and empty to me. That's just my subjective opinion of course.

And yours?

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  20.06.2015 at 21:30
I still hate brutal death metal.
I'm derp.

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