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From: Bulgaria

  13.08.2006 at 03:08
For me it's OK, but nothing great... cannot understand all the hype around it... nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing so moving...
It's still a good album tough, but also a bit overrated, imo
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  14.08.2006 at 03:57
Stone Sour isn't really that interesting to begin with and if it took them 4 years to put out some mediocre release that's simply overhyped then they're quite the pointless unimportant band...simple riffs, overdone angst and over exposure sums up a band like that quite nicely...

Posts: 362

Age: 31
From: Bulgaria

  14.08.2006 at 14:27
actually, you're kind of right...
the only thing I would disagree is the time it took them... cause for the better part ot the 4 years most of them were busy, so they weren't writing an album or anything...
...cause I don't give a fuck if you hate me!
Account deleted
  14.08.2006 at 23:45
In the words of Ron White... "I like em [it]...I don't love it...I liiike it."

I'm a fan of them...but not because "their like totally heavy metal bro!!1!." It's for like when I'm tired and I wanna listen to some radio rock or something. Corey Taylor has a great voice [both metal and soft] and I'm glad he threw this project together to show his other side.

To me it accomplishes very much the same purpose as 'Hangover Music Vol. IV' by Black Label Society intended to.
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From: Puerto Rico

  15.08.2006 at 23:50
People enjoy underrating overrated bands.

Posts: 362

Age: 31
From: Bulgaria

  16.08.2006 at 20:17
^yeah, of course, why wouldn't they
...cause I don't give a fuck if you hate me!

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From: USA

  27.08.2006 at 05:03
Stone Sour's new album doesn't deserve its own thread.

I will admit that I do like Cory's vocals in Slipknot, but his soft vocals are nothing to write home about.

Also, that single of theirs, 30-30/150, is one of the most annoying songs I've heard in a long time.
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From: Sweden

  03.09.2006 at 13:14
Does Roy Mayorga play drums in it?
Account deleted
  06.09.2006 at 20:38
I think it's better than their self-titled, but it has only 2-3 good songs.
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  08.09.2006 at 05:27
well i not a big fan of Stone sour but i like both albums and well this last album was not bad at all

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From: USA

  08.09.2006 at 09:46
I loved their debut album, but I didn't really like "Come What(Ever) May" that much at all. It sounded like they were trying to go mainstream with it, but failed. Some songs were good, I can't think of the names of them right now, but I did like a few songs.
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From: Spain

  20.09.2006 at 00:49
It's a good CD, I think every Slipknot fan will like it, I think it's a bit slower than Slipknot but it's listenable...

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Age: 31
From: Bulgaria

  20.09.2006 at 15:36
Well, after posting this tread I havn't listened to it even once... It is actually pretty boring... there is more interesting music out there... Stone Sour do better then others only cause of the huge SlipKnot fanbase...
...cause I don't give a fuck if you hate me!
Account deleted
  22.09.2006 at 22:52
i actually enjoy 2 songs 30-30/150 and Through The Glass the rest is nothing... just annoying

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From: Mauritius
  23.09.2006 at 19:05
yes roy mayorga plays drums in it. this guy rulz! i liked the album. I even preferred it to the first one. it has some kind of more mature sound. I think it's almost stoner metal/hard rock. When a band goes softer it doesn't mean they are selling their souls to the mainstream.
Account deleted
  05.10.2006 at 02:35
I actually do like the album. I mean i'll agree it could be better and i like some songs much more than others, but I like the lyrics and I love Corey's voice. haha on a side note I named my turtle after him. I'm such a dork!
Account deleted
  10.12.2006 at 16:34
Nice album indeed, Corey has such a great voice. I like him in Slipknot AND Stone Sour.
Account deleted
  31.12.2006 at 00:10
they're pretty overrated. I admit that Corey Taylor can sing, and the drummer isn't bad, but if Corey was never in Slipknot then nobody would care about Stone Sour. A lot of the songs are annoying such as "Come What(Ever) May" and "Socio". Some songs are good and the band has the talent, but overall it's nothing special.

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Age: 26
From: Sweden

  02.01.2007 at 10:19
I think it's pretty good. I like that ballad, Zzyxz Rd.
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From: Canada

  07.01.2007 at 06:48
Written by marinBG on 20.09.2006 at 15:36

Stone Sour do better then others only cause of the huge SlipKnot fanbase...

Supposively that is the only reason Stone Sour got any where period, because apperantly Stone Sour was music Corey created before he got into Slipknot and it wasn't good enough to get noticed, so he was finally able to release it once he got some recognition. I personally really dislike it.

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Age: 29
From: USA

  08.01.2007 at 23:32
I mentioned earlier that I hate it when artists put parentheses in their album/song titles....but I was thinking what it would be like if people talked like that on the computer. It would be (annoying).
Account deleted
  17.01.2007 at 12:15
Too slow then the previous self-titled release. (For my liking.) Only listened to "Come What(Ever) May" twice since I got it when it was first released. Where as I keep going back to the self-titled one..

Posts: 36
From: Estonia

  20.01.2007 at 23:48
oh cool. i thought i'm all alone
but i don't even like the band - it's too garage-bands like. they need to be more professional imo
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Black Mass

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Age: 35
From: UAE
  02.03.2007 at 13:02
Corey Taylor can sing, and I like to listen. Its nothing compared to their self titled release (even though I talked it up in another tread....but that was a mistake) but its certainly not the worst album I've encountered.
FrOsTmOuRnE 0_o
Account deleted
  22.03.2007 at 10:23
its good alright to listen to once in a while

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Age: 33
From: Mexico

  07.05.2007 at 02:01
I don't like their new album, I do like the first one, but this one..... It's like the last release of Slipknot, I think that Stone Sour is begining to sound like Slipknot and Slipknot is begining to sound like Stone Sour, make them both sound bad... Just my opinion!
Account deleted
  16.06.2007 at 12:28
I don't have the new album, so I don't know. I've got the self titled album.

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Age: 34
From: Australia

  22.06.2007 at 05:25
I fucking love this album.
From start to finish, one very lyrically and musically pleasing album.
It's chunky at the right times, however still melodic when needed.
Corey's vocals are too outstanding, the riffs hammer. I just love it.
I think that this album needs to be given more of a chance. People need to forget Corey is from Slipknot and listen to it with a non-biast ear. I think you'll find you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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From: USA
  19.01.2009 at 21:23
I like slipknot but I have a hard time getting into stone sour. The new cd is ok. I like the drummer. I'm pretty sure he used to be in soulfly.

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Age: 22
From: USA

  20.01.2011 at 05:39
Written by Guest on 14.08.2006 at 23:45

I'm a fan of them...but not because "their like totally heavy metal bro!!1!." It's for like when I'm tired and I wanna listen to some radio rock or something. Corey Taylor has a great voice [both metal and soft] and I'm glad he threw this project together to show his other side.

Could not have said it better myself. I don't listen to them because of Slipknot, or because I wanna hear the next mind-blowing riff. I listen to them because sometimes I DON'T want to listen to that stuff. I want to sit back with a nice catchy, yet still edgy enough that I can stand it, album. Corey's voice is really the anchor point in this album, and some of the big choruses in the songs are very well constructed. So yeah, not a masterpiece, but better than average IMO.
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