Dark Angel vs Death Angel

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Which band do you like the most?

Dark Angel
Death Angel

Total votes: 31
09.07.2010 - 23:41
So, which of the two thrashers do you like best? I personally prefer Dark Angel. Death Angel's great, but I find Darkness Descends to be one of the fastest, rawest thrash albums ever with some technical moments, IMO, it's only topped by Wehrmacht's Shark Attack in that circle. That and Leave Scars and Time Does Not Heal are some great albums. We Have Arrived was decent too.

Death Angel are a close second though.
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10.07.2010 - 11:38
Bad English
I like Dark Angel more, its more agresive in each album, death angel, somehow I dont like so much, so it goes for Dark
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16.05.2011 - 22:09
Dark Angel. Darkness Descends and Leave Scars were both excellent. Death Angel is good...most of my friends in the '80s preferred them...but I thought Dark Angel was much more aggressive.
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16.05.2011 - 22:22
Marcel Hubregtse
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Dark Angel only by the slightest of margins
probably has to do with the fact they are darker and rougher.
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19.05.2011 - 14:08
Darkness Descends kicks your ass way more than any death angel release
19.05.2011 - 20:49
Silent Jay
I'm gonna represent the Death Angel massive on this (yes all 4 others who voted so far ). Dark Angel are good but ive only really started paying much attention to Darkness Decendes recently after quite a few years after giving it a spin for the first time. I checked out Death Angel about the same time and since I've become a big fan, have all their albums and listen to most quite frequently still. So something has to be there for me to have stuck with one and not the other. I think its because I like lots of Melody and surprises in my Metal, Death Angel fulfilling this, whilst Dark Angel were basically a really speedy version of much thrash I've already listened too. Don't get me wrong what I've heard is good just I perhaps need more listens to take it in and appreciate it more. Death Angel however clicked very quickly so they get my vote.
20.05.2011 - 05:05
Gotta go with Dark Angel on this. love the edge and intensity of Darkness Descends.
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10.04.2012 - 11:29
Infernal Eternal
I vote for the Phillipino guys.
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