Metalstorm is dead! Killed by fanboys.

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Posted by The Shape 1973, 25.08.2010 - 12:27
Metalstorm is dead! OK maybe not, but I am starting to lose faith in forums as the growth of fanboys starts to kill any discussions.

The last couple of weeks have saddened me. The real area where this has shown recently has been the release of the new Iron Maiden album. There has been a lot of genuine intellectual discussion, but this has been taken over by mindless bitching and insult throwing between Metalstorm members. Bad language, questioning of parenthood etc.

I know that people have differing opinions and tastes, that is what makes Metalstorm an interesting place and it contributes to healthy debate, but are we not all metalheads? Can't we accept that with metal being such a wide arena now that people will follow different styles?

You can look at many forums over the last year, Tarja vs Anette, the death of RJD, Metallica vs Megadeth, Nu metal, I could go on. I'm sure that I have taken part in some myself in the past and I'm sorry.

If you don't like something then say why. Explain the reasons, don't just say this is crap, fuck that, you are a c*nt for liking a mainstream band and act like your word is all that matters. Listen, you may learn something.

I know I sound like a grumpy old git, but this is a damn good site, I spend a lot of time on here and I don't want the standard of discussion to reach the level of the YouTube comments.

15.02.2011 - 16:25
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Metalstorm is dead!
Seriously what a topic, aha now i see topics like this makes metalstorm dead, if you ask me.