One Fatal Punch - new album free for 1 week (19 sept-25 sept)

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19.09.2010 - 06:05
And so, my band's album's free for ONE WEEK:

This is a promo version, at approximately the same bitrate as the streaming version on bandcamp (~128kbps VBR).
This has the added effect of making it easy to download - 45MB only!
It's alternative rock, KMFDM/NiN/Cocteau Twins/Fantomas-influenced, for references - 60 minutes long.

This is a celebration of the fact that it's finally available on itunes et al, as well as our site:
(where you can also stream it in entirety).

If you like it, please buy it and/or promote it (by clicking the facebook 'like' button at our website or telling friends) elsewhere - I can use every last bit of help!
Also comment here if you like it

Also available at emusic and amazon.

Feel free to redistribute and pass around this version - please don't torrent or p2p it tho'