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Posted by Ivan, 30.09.2010 - 12:10
I know, it hasn't been long since this system has been introduced, however, we felt that it was inadequate and could use some improving. The main problem is, community points come from everywhere - and if you gained them by writing reviews, for example, it doesn't mean you're competent in editing bands and albums.

The new system keeps track of your achievements in separate areas - bands, albums, videos, trivia, logos, lyrics, lineup and grants you unsupervised access when it looks like you're ready for it. All your edits generate points - 1-3 for edits and 2-6 for additions, depending on quality. Gaining 100 points in Albums will allow you to add albums for invisible bands (200 for visible), 250 points to edit albums for invisible bands (500 for visible) and 300 will allow you to check album edits for invisible bands (600 for visible).

In this way, users can get access to editing pretty much everything in band profiles. As a bonus, you can even add bands after reaching 5000 total points, and edit styles for invisible bands with 2500 total points. You still can't: make bands visible, change band name, edit styles for visible bands.

As soon as you've made any contributions to the bands database and your edits have been accepted, a table will appear in your profile, detailing your progress (example). Retroactively, I transfered all previously recorded stats into the new system. Unfortunately, the records were only for additions, and there were no records for bands, logos and lyrics, so you'll have to start from 0 there, sorry.

If you have any checking permissions unlocked, you'll see a new link at the bottom of the Navigation menu: 'Check edits'. This is a way to help us to get through the piles of edits we're receiving. We trust you to be fair and thorough. Try to check the submitted information and correct whatever mistakes the submitted made. Hit 'Reject' only when the edit is beyond saving. Each checked edit will earn you 4 points in the particular area, plus 3 community points.

In addition to that, all users can now mark things for deletion - just go to the edit screen and hit the 'Delete' button in the bottom. This will be checked and taken care by Staff members.

The old system will remain intact for the moment, but will be most probably removed later.
26.09.2012 - 02:49
A staff guy...
Written by Guest on 26.09.2012 at 02:33

Well, at first I just wait if he appears in here. I try to summarize this:

Add = Table points
Edit = No table points
Check = Table points

Obviously you've taken lots of time to figure this out. I earned all my Perms before I ended up fucking up the Bands Adding ability of non-Staff users, but I after fucking that up and being told why they pulled the plug on it I can agree completely that non-Staff users should not be able to Add bands to the database; however I do contend that there should be some individuals who have proved they will not do stupid shit (myself included) that Staff should give the Perm to in order to help augment that part of the site.
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