Favourite song on The Sound Of Perseverence?

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Favourite song on The Sound Of Perseverence?

Spirit Crusher
Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
Flesh And The Power It Holds
Voice of the Soul
Bite The Pain
To Forgive Is to Suffer
Story To Tell
A Moment of Clarity
Painkiller (Judas Priest Cover)

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03.11.2010 - 14:05
Account deleted
What is your favourite track on the album 'The Sound Of Perseverance"? Mine personally is Scavenger Of Human Sorrow, as it starts with an epic drum beat and guitar lick, then blasts off with the epic riff, and and epic all-round song. Whats your opinion?
03.11.2010 - 14:20
Hard to choose one, but I would say Spirit Crusher because of the catchy riffs and it's really cool to play it at the guitar
03.11.2010 - 14:23
I voted for voice of the soul because it is simply the best instrumental song i ve ever heard....
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03.11.2010 - 15:37
Not their best album, but ok, my fav on this one is probably Bite The Pain, the intro is just epic one of the best intros i've ever heard and the solo...i can't describe it, it's genius. Closely followed by Flesh And The Power it Holds
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03.11.2010 - 15:42
Bite the pain....i love the beggining
03.11.2010 - 16:49
I've never been able to decide exactly which track is the best - for me, it's always been between "Spirit Crusher", "Story to Tell", "Voice of the Soul" and "Flesh and the Power It Holds". I'll vote for "Story to Tell" simply because it's the only one of the four songs I mentioned that hasn't received a vote as of this post. Stupid reason, I know, but I just can't choose between the four songs musically.

Also, I find "Bite the Pain" slightly annoying, not sure why. I used to love the song, then I started getting irritated by it. Perhaps I overplayed it?
03.11.2010 - 17:05
Damn that was hard to pick, this is one of my favourite albums of all time...every track is a masterpiece, and they even out-Priested Priest on "Painkiller"...had to go with "Bite the Pain" though, it's just too awesome. But I do agree with Deadmeat, "Voice of the Soul" is probably the greatest instrumental ever, and definitely the most aptly named - how the hell did Chuck get so much goddamn emotion out of his guitar?! The guy was incredible, I don't understand how one man could have so much talent. Also, I think "Scavenger" would come a close second for me, or possibly "Spirit Crusher" - see what I mean? Too hard to pick, every track has something to recommend it. Ah well, my choice is made
03.11.2010 - 17:16
Bad English
Dude when open pool you shood etleast say what bands album is this
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03.11.2010 - 17:50
Scavenger Of Human Sorrow .. not from musical point ,, bcz u cant decide if u just depend on music in such master piece where u cant find a weak song ,, is just I love when Chuck scream >> Scavenger Of Human Sorrow .. It always repeat within my mind
03.11.2010 - 19:40
Rocker of Worlds
Hard to pick just one, but I went with Voice of the Soul. It just gives off this really awesome feeling.
03.11.2010 - 21:36
All the songs on this album are amazing but I would have to probably go with To Forgive Is To Suffer, such an amazing song, also Flesh & The Power It Holds is a close second
03.11.2010 - 23:28
Hmm tough one but id say flesh wins, it kicks too much ass
04.11.2010 - 00:48
Doc G.
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Written by Bad English on 03.11.2010 at 17:16

Dude when open pool you shood etleast say what bands album is this

Maybe he should have included the band name, but at the same time most people on here know about this album, if they don't then they can easily use the search bar. Even more importantly, if they don't know about this album, why would they be in this thread in the first place? If there's a problem with a thread one of the mods will take care of it.
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04.11.2010 - 09:12
Angelic Storm
Can't choose, there's 4 really strong contenders for me, and I cant choose between them they're all equally awesome. lol
04.11.2010 - 13:57
Is a really hard question, because this album has too many good songs which are at the same level of musical composition, i guess i'll go with Bite The Pain, because i think have very fast riffs and the bass is simply amazing i also love the parte when it says "One Cannot.... .... Asume" and i also love A Moment Of Clarity which was one that no one voted, so, i vote for that song in order to have its representation
04.11.2010 - 17:11
Written by Deadmeat on 03.11.2010 at 14:23

I voted for voice of the soul because it is simply the best instrumental song i ve ever heard....

Yes. It's truly a masterpiece.
07.11.2010 - 20:36
It´s very hard to decide because all tracks are amazing. I vote for "A Moment of Clarity".
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07.11.2010 - 21:51
Underpaid M.D.
This is a hard choice for me, because maybe this is my favorite album of Death's discography, a true masterpiece, every song is amazing.
I'll go for "The Flesh And The Power It Holds", the music is really great and the lyrics are kinda strange, I wonder what would Chuck say about them...

Also a special mention to "Painkiller", that in my opinion is probably one of the greatest metal covers in existence, I still remember the day when I bought this album and thought that the music was over, and then... BOOM! The freaking Painkiller starts... it was an orgasmic experience.
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09.11.2010 - 04:01
Voice Of The Soul will always be my favorite track from The Sound Of Perseverance. Never before had I heard such a beautiful, and inspiring song that truly makes my emotions flow with every listen.
09.11.2010 - 19:21
Account deleted
Voice of the Soul.
23.11.2010 - 03:13
Flesh And The Power It Holds - Some Of Chuck's most incredible guitar work
23.11.2010 - 04:49
I find this album to be rather boring, but "Flesh and The Power It Holds" and "A Moment Of Clarity" are both good. I'll vote for the latter, simply because there's one melody in particular that strikes a chord with me.
28.11.2010 - 18:43
oath to vanquish
Scavenger is just epic although it was hard to decide cause voice of the soul is truly an amazin instrumentel
28.11.2010 - 18:48
Kap'N Korrupt
Account deleted
For me its between To Forgive Is To Suffer and Voice Of The Soul....
10.12.2010 - 04:25
Bite The Pain!! It's the song that got me into Death, and brings me back to a great time in my life. Got to love those nostalgic songs.
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10.12.2010 - 05:11
Thrash Talker
Personally It would have to be ''Scavenger Of Human Sorrow'' because the whole feeling is amazing and I love the drum intro and when Chuck starts screaming. Though I had trouble choosing between Scavenger and Flesh And The Power It Holds... both are crazy songs
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11.12.2010 - 03:57
Pagan Angel
Spirit Crusher. It was the first song I learned on bass by Death.
29.12.2010 - 14:24
Account deleted
Voted for Bite The Pain, but Painkiller is my favorite cover of all times! it's just perfect!
06.10.2012 - 06:31
Secundum Filium
Personally I would choose Spirit Crusher, it has one of the best choruses they have ever done so far. Voice of the Soul is also a favorite for me.
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17.12.2012 - 19:09
Too hard to choose only one. I like all of them. In each song you can find something extraordinary. "Voice of the Soul" - grabs you at the first sound, amazing instrumental. "Bite The Pain" the intro is just awesome. "Spirit Crusher" another eipc song. "Story To Tell ", " Scavenger Of Human Sorrow ", "To Forgive Is to Suffer " ,"A Moment of Clarity " great in their own way. I can't decide.
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