Are there any other black metal bands that employ clean vocals?

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Posted by Axe Argonian, 05.11.2010 - 04:15
Recently, I've been getting into Primordial and Enslaved. Both are black metal bands, but both have something in common. They both employ clean vocals at various moments in songs (Actually, this applies to Enslaved to a greater extent; Primordial almost entirely abandoned black metal singing in Empire Falls.) I really love how a band like Enslaved balances out the darkness of black metal vocals with melodic, clean vocals. This balance not only adds variation to their music, but it also break past the traditional black metal sound. So, my question to everyone is this: Are there any other bands out there that utilize both black metal singing and clean singing?

Thanks, I would appreciate suggestions.
06.07.2012 - 21:13
There's a lot of clean vocals in prog or folk black (it varies in frequence of use):
Ásmegin (avant-garde folk black with lots of clean vocals), Cor Scorpii (sognametal with clean vocals here and there), Borknagar (prog black since Quintessence), Faanefjell (folk symphonic black with some clean vocals), Galar (folk black with lots of clean vocals), Le Grand Guignol (avant-garde "circus" black), Mistur (sognametal), Moonsorrow (lots of clean choruses), Vintersorg (like Borknagar but more folk), Windir (sognametal).

What's sognametal? I think you already know...
09.07.2012 - 18:36
El Cochino
If not mentioned - Absurd incorporate some clean vocals here and there, but they are famous enough to be mentioned. Whatever.
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