Sophomore album syndrom

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08.11.2010 - 10:51
Well, here we go.
See, I have this band called Prey For Nothing, from Israel, linked below.
I am currently sitting on a sofa in Hertz studios in Poland (where Decapitated, Vader and some of the last Behemoth were recorded)
We are currently working on our sophomore album, after our debut album, Violence Divine, was released in 2008 by dutch label "Rusty Cage Records".
in the passing 2 years the label could support us much less than we hoped. Meaning the album wasn't distributed all over Europe like promised, and distribution deals that been cut off due to bankrupting distos made it nearly impossible to reach any store outside the Netherlands. Nethertheless, we sold out our enture 1000 copies intial print in the first year, and added 300 more copies almost sold out completely on our 2nd print. Most of them were sold here, in Israel. We made some nice budget to our current albums, and with the helps of some merch and successful punches of live action we saved our 6000 euros to record our new album.

Problem is where do we go from here ?
Israel is quite cut off from the rest of Europe. touring by bus is out of the question, and no label will like to invenst in a band in a band that barely tours or not tour at all.
Don't get me wrong - we are not the reclusive kind of a metal band who never plays live. We supported Paradise Lost, Finntroll and Aborted on different occations, we headlined some big events here in Israel - but we don't know what it will take from us to take the step forward.

We all need to work full time jobs to keep this band alive. It's an expensive hobby. Some of us are students in the universities around Israel (the guitar player is working on the B.A. in English litrature and I'm working on my M.A. in history after I finished both B.A.s in history and psychology) and it ain't easy reaching the end of your 20's, need to support a now established family - and taking care of your band at the same time.

So - How do we take it to the next level ? Adjust ourselves to big tours in Europe, say like bands in the Arch-Enemy or Children Of Bodom kind of scale - it's quite expensive now that every booking agency is working on the buy-on system (and each show cost around 1000 euros just to participate, disincluding fuel and bus-renting, food and stuff like that) - it actually cheaper to record a new album then go on tour with some bands. But no one will but - or even download an album from a band he never heard off... with 25,000 active bands around the world in the metal scene - who the hell got the time to check the newcomers? even if it's for free ?

So - I don't know how much of you guys are in the same career spot I am right now - but what do you think we should do ? Search for a new label and hope our luck will turn for the best ? Keep on going indie and just push some small tours every 3 years that we can afford ? Quit our dayjobs and studies and hope for the best ?

What's your thought about it ?