Why do people hate metalcore?

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Posted by patrickmetal12, 21.12.2010 - 18:54
A friend of mine asked my why i hated metal core and all those other weird -core bands out there.
I really dislike like the music they make. I want to be able explain why it is hated so much.
enlighten me (and everyone who comes across this topic)
03.07.2014 - 09:18
Written by Guib on 01.07.2014 at 10:01

I see, well frankly I'm surprised you had that during a DM show. Well there's places for that thing they do... and Death Metal gigs are not among them.
Sorry for you.

That's what I don't like is the hardcore dancing as well. It's mostly at local shows though.
What I've noticed is that the people who do it are afraid to actually mosh or circle pit or do a wall of death.
Me and my friends always mosh and the hardcore dancers will just stand back and stare at us.
I don't get the whole flinging of the arms and legs as if you were fighting invisible people.
Other than that I don't have any real complaints about metalcore or deathcore except for the whiny screams and over used breakdowns.
Although I do enjoy some tunes from Killswitch Engage, a song or two by All That Remains.
As for deathcore the only bands I've found enjoyable is Job For A Cowboy and With Blood Comes Cleansing.
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