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Sirenia: Best Vocalist

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Henriette Bordvik
Fabienne Gondamin
Monika Pedersen

Total votes: 9
26.12.2010 - 22:09
As most of you know, Sirenia have changed quite a bit of their female vocalists up until now. I am really glad that Ailyn will be featured in their latest upcoming album as well, since is really stupid to have five singers for equal amount of albums.

On one hand, it makes every album really different, though some people might be put off by that fact. So which one is your personal favorite? They're ranged chronologically, so Fabienne - first album, Ailyn - last album. Personally, in the first two releases, female vocals are mostly back up, with Morten leading all the show, so while they are nice, are also really insignificant. I honestly find myself having a hard time recognizing Fabienne from Henriette.

So that leaves me with Monika or Ailyn. Monika has a very specific nasal type of voice that you either love or hate. She used to be my favorite, but I'd go with Ailyn now. I find her tone of voice just right.
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27.12.2010 - 16:15
Bad English
I like only 1th albums(and like has week meening) so I vote for Henriette Bordvik but its so week, because IUm not fan of band but wanst Fabienne Gondamin only guest or sessiobal beck vocalist?
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