Alice In Hell vs Never, Neverland

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What's the better album?

Never, Neverland
Alice In Hell

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27.01.2011 - 04:00
Mr. Sizzle
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From: Canada

It's self-explanitory: which was the better album. I'll go for Never, Neverland because the music is more memorable, even though Rampage's vocals are soooooooo fun to listen to!
27.01.2011 - 04:21
Angelic Storm

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From: UK

"Never, Neverland" is the best Annihilator album in my opinion, so obviously I'm going to choose that one! hehe

"Alice In Hell" is a classic as well though, and "Word Salad" is probably my fave Annihilator song. xD
27.01.2011 - 07:11

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From: USA

Both are really great, but I think "Alice In Hell" is a tad bit better. I like the vocals on this one more than "Never, Neverland" and Jeff was top notch on "Alice" guitar wise, imo.
27.01.2011 - 11:49
Bad English

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From: Sweden

No dobt alice in hell, I never liked other albums from band, and aliceon hell is also week, but much better how other albums from a band
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27.01.2011 - 14:48
Marcel Hubregtse
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From: The Netherlands

Simple Alice In hell, it's so much stronger than Never, Neverland.
Annihilator seem to have taken the Testament road. The debut being their best by far, then a semi decent album and then never coming close to the first two ever again although the last album is okay in comparison to what came between the second one and that one.
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28.01.2011 - 09:45

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From: Norway
I like Never, Neverland more, because it is more technical than Alice In Hell. Although Alice is a godamn classic too, with every song being awesome on that album!
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