Support Devildriver's Beast Album

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24.02.2011 - 04:01
Metalhead 666
As you may know Devildriver has released a new album called Beast. I am a part of a team called All Axess to help spread the word and support devildrivers new website for guitarists and their new album. is owned and run by Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer of Devildriver and if you would want to help support this go to I would appreciate it if you can help spread the word as well.
Evil Dreams
24.02.2011 - 05:07
As everyone in this section might allredy know, Devildriver put out their Beast album on Febuary 22. Critics are giving it brutal reviews and praising them for changing up their style yet once again. Blabbermouth, one of metals biggest news websites had a large front page advertisement for the cd along with many many metal news websites having smaller adverts for the album. Dez the lead singer of the band also was on the metal radio show Saturday night scream in Syracuse Ny, promoting the album. He also hinted to a large summer tour, but didn't say ware it would be.

In Devildriver related news, Guitarists Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer new all guitar website has taken off with a large bang! They have the Allaxess website running in full force, bio's, real guitar video's, and even lessons! Go check it out and the new video posted by Periphery on the website going down the list of their gear.