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Posted by Baz Anderson, 12.09.2006 - 16:01
Okay, there is no denying Emperor are one of the all time biggest black metal bands - but I always find it so intriguing when people ask which is your favorite Emperor album.

Note: this is a poll for their four full-length albums. I never liked it how people could vote for a twenty minute demo over a full-length album however fantastic the 'Emperor' E.P. is.

Each of their albums are big milestones and each are utterly brilliant in their own way.
'In The Nightside Eclipse' was the first full-length and is many peoples favorite today with the raw production and everything sounding very 'black metal'
My own opinion on this albums is the songs are superb, but the sound of the drums really lets it down!

'Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk' was the next and introduced Trym to the band. They clearly push their sound on this album and dont stick to the conventional black metal type of music.
The album is rather different and even epic with tracks like 'With Strength I Burn'

'IX Equilibrium' pushed even further wit htheir sound. They almost dont sound like a black metal band any more, they are clearly not afraid of experimenting and making something different.

'Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise' is their last album and is again very different. The album is rather progressive and hardly black metal at all. Also the whole album was written by Ihsahn.
The album follows through an imaginitive story which makes going through with the lyrics add a new dimention to the music.

Each album has many reasons why it should be your favorite but just pick one and let us know why.

My favorite Emperor album is 'Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk'
The albums keeps changing and keeps your attention at the music at all times. No track on the album is a bad track.
Even though I am more into heavy metal then black metal, this album may be my favorite album of all time.

I feel 'In The Nightside Eclipse' is rather overrated, and 'Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk' underrated for what it is. I think people that dont recognise it as a masterpiece should go back and listen to it again a couple of times and digest it properly.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this poll goes. I predict the main competition will be between the first two albums.


Which full-length do you prefer?

Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
In The Nightside Eclipse
Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And..
IX Equilibrium

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12.11.2008 - 22:07
<<Anthems to the walkin at dusk>> it's a fucking great album . Prometheus too i like but i don't now
why but i really hate in the nightside eclipse . i more then three years try to listen it but ....
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13.11.2008 - 07:05
Number Juan
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. It's just so powerful yet has so much finesse. From the start with the Oath to the end with the Wanderer, it all comes together perfectly.
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09.12.2008 - 03:29
Land Of Doom
I Think Anthems to the walkin at dusk And this is metal storm members opinion
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09.12.2008 - 14:00
Genghis Kal
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Had to go for the debut. That and Immortal's Pure Holocaust were my first 2 BM albums and I remember how long it took me to really get into them and appreciate that kind of raw music. Anthems comes a close second though.
19.01.2009 - 12:45
I only have the first 3, havent gotten around their latest Prometheus. I promise you i will tho! IMHO a Legendary band that didnt last that long. I guess thats what makes them such a great band and thats why I Love listening to their music! LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR !
19.01.2009 - 23:08
I, The Quatropus
I'd have to say, Prometheus was a splendid album. Indeed there were enjoyable tracks recorded for it and as OP said, the story is just fascinating to follow.

So I'd go with Prometheus.
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21.03.2009 - 21:45
Itne IS one of THE BEST black metal albums, seriously
19.08.2009 - 02:19
It's really hard to choose,for me every album is something special,each of them have some of my favourite emperor moments.
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19.08.2009 - 11:46
Heaven Knight
Voted for In The Nightshade Eclipse...I am the black wizards! and the album cover is great as well
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23.08.2009 - 13:11
I voted for Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk because it is the album that got me in black metal...All of their albums are great however...A great band...LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!
26.08.2009 - 23:17
I'll go for Anthems, I really like the structure of the album.
02.11.2009 - 00:09
Promethians is my favorite, it is complex but still very catchy and well constructed BM.
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18.01.2010 - 04:17
Prometheus is just plain awesome. gets my vote.
19.01.2010 - 14:59
I love In The Nightside Eclipse but there is just something special about Prometheus that i love.
19.01.2010 - 19:21
Anthems for me. After that would be ITNE and then IX Equilibrium. Prometheus is good too but I like their first 3 better. Emperor was the first black metal band I ever heard (along with Dimmu) so they'll always have a special place in my heart. Before I even heard any of their music (right after I discovered metal), I came across some of their shirts at a store and just thought it looked cool so I bought one (just by looking at the logo, I knew it was metal haha). Later that night at a show, I bought a CD of theirs since I had their shirt. That shirt got worn to hell cause I wore it so much! And then I got to see them in 06 in NYC! Totally worth all the money spent on that trip

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21.01.2010 - 18:47
Prometheus ... all the way ... then Equilibrium ... loved songs from their first two but just dont warrant a full listen for me ... although they do have some of my favorite songs ...
18.04.2010 - 20:46
Nightside... Can't beat it.
21.09.2012 - 22:14
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In The Nightside. Only Emperor album I've ever enjoyed.
21.09.2012 - 23:37
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Anthems. ITNE was good, but I just didn't enjoy it as much as ATTWAD
25.10.2012 - 03:49
Secundum Filium
If only I could change my vote from Nightside to Prometheus. Nightside is still awesome, but I'm really preferring Prometheus much more now. I love the progressive sound of Prometheus, there is so much going on in the music, and I've noticed that it's been easier for me to return to that album than any of the others (that may be because I'm more into prog-styled metal than black metal but still). Amazing album.
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25.10.2012 - 07:15
Anthems by far. That album blows me away. I like their other stuff, but for me the other albums just have highlights while anthems is solid from start to finish. Probably the album most influential to the black metal I tend to like these days.
01.11.2012 - 18:07
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Debut by far. First black metal album I ever heard so it has a special place in my heart <3 , plus i find the others to be a tad mediocre.
01.11.2012 - 19:13
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Written by Alex F on 01.11.2012 at 18:07

Debut by far. First black metal album I ever heard so it has a special place in my heart <3 , plus i find the others to be a tad mediocre.

Same, even the second record which does nothing for me despite how everyone else goes loopy over it.
01.11.2012 - 19:45
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Written by Guest on 01.11.2012 at 19:13

Written by Alex F on 01.11.2012 at 18:07

Debut by far. First black metal album I ever heard so it has a special place in my heart <3 , plus i find the others to be a tad mediocre.

Same, even the second record which does nothing for me despite how everyone else goes loopy over it.

The second record is their next best, and there are moments that I enjoy, but overall pretty "meh" feeling for it