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What is your favorite song on Extreme Aggression?

Extreme Aggressions14
Some Pain Will Last11
No Reason To Exist5
Love Us Or Hate Us5
Bringer Of Torture5
Stream Of Consciousness2
Don't Trust1
Fatal Energy0

Total votes: 58


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Age: 19
From: USA

  22.06.2011 at 01:47
In my opinion, this is one of Kreator's best releases. But the question is, what is your favorite track on the album?

Mine would be Extreme Aggressions, but Love Us Or Hate Us and Stream Of Consciousness are great also. Enough with my silly opinion, I want to hear yours!
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Age: 22
From: USA

  22.06.2011 at 01:50
THERE HAS TO BE A REASON TO EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, every song is great, but that one is just catchier, which makes it that much better.

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Age: 28
From: Greece

  22.06.2011 at 01:52
Great poll hahahahahaha! voted "some pain will last". the other 2 choices where "extreme aggression" and "betrayer" though all the songs are awesome!
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Age: 23
From: Greece

  22.06.2011 at 02:35
Kreator has to be my fave thrash metal band! this album is god like! I chose betrayer after lots of hesitation!

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Age: 22
From: Costa Rica

  22.06.2011 at 04:15

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Age: 41
From: UK

  22.06.2011 at 05:09
Like Deadmeat, I voted for 'Some Pain Will Last'. Pretty tight and catchy, and the chorus sticks in the mind. I like the midtempo, almost anthem-like feel to it.

There used to be a Metal record shop in Australia called Extreme Aggression, obviously named after this album. I've never been to Australia, but years ago an old correspondent of mine from Aus used to hang around there all the time. I've got a couple of CD's with the Extreme Aggression store's price sticker attached that he'd traded with me. I don't know if the shop's still around, but I would assume not..

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Age: 29
From: Dominican Republic

  22.06.2011 at 05:25
I didn´t listen to all of the songs but betrayer it´s hard to beat xD
Angelic Storm

Posts: 6675
From: UK

  22.06.2011 at 05:40
"Some Pain Will Last" has always been my fave song from this album, which I have stated a few times on these forums already.

The first time I heard it, was on the VHS "Extreme Aggression: Live In East Berlin", where it is also the opening track. It left an impression on me quite a while before I got the actual album it's on, and when I finally did get it, it turned out to be my fave track on it. The song is mid paced most of the way through, but it has an intense atmosphere, and kicks into high gear at just the right moment for maximum effect! There are other great songs on the album like "Betrayer", "Love Us Or Hate Us", "Bringer Of Torture" and especially the awesome title track, but "Some Pain Will Last" just has that little bit of extra magic that elevates it just above those other songs, and is to me, one of Kreator's most classic tracks. xD

Posts: 27
From: USA

  22.06.2011 at 07:18
Betrayer of course, followed by Fatal Energy.

Posts: 47

Age: 33
From: Spain
  22.06.2011 at 12:22
All songs in this album are great, but I choose Bringer of torture just to try annoying someone haha
Bad English

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Age: 31
From: Sweden

  22.06.2011 at 13:06
To hard to choose one all are same
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Age: 26
From: Sweden

  22.06.2011 at 13:13
Whoa, tough question. I gave my vote to the title song, for the reason that it absolutely slays live.

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Age: 33
From: Canada

  22.06.2011 at 19:12
This album is the best Kreator album from their early period. Every song on this album is a thrash masterpiece. Still, I chose Stream of Consciousness as I would really love to see it live. I Saw them live twice, hope the third time they'll play it.

Posts: 2588
From: Canada

  22.06.2011 at 19:53
I voted for Betrayer. One of my favourite Kreator songs in general.
Koen Smits

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Age: 39
From: Belgium

  22.06.2011 at 21:00
Not gonna choose right now, but it's between Extreme Aggressions, No Reason To Exist, Love Us Or Hate Us and Some Pain Will Last.
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Age: 22
From: Canada

  23.06.2011 at 21:32
Really hard call but I put Bringer of Torture solid song
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Angelic Storm

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From: UK

  23.06.2011 at 22:03
Written by SODOM666 on 23.06.2011 at 21:32

Really hard call but I put Bringer of Torture solid song

The version of that song on the "Live In East Berlin" video is just vicious! \m/

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Age: 45
From: Slovenia

  11.07.2011 at 13:22
I know Kreator for a long time. First time i saw them in Ljubljana(Slovenija) back in 1987...and from than on Mile&co. works well, or i should say wery well.My opinion about best song on extreme agression is one between Betrayer, Extream agression and Love us or hate us...depends..some song is better live, some in studio version.


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