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Which one?

Among the Living38
Spreading the Disease10
Persistence of Time6
Fistful of Metal4
Sound of White Noise3
State of Euphoria2
Volume 8: The Threat Is Real2
We've Come For You All2
Stomp 4420

Total votes: 67


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Age: 19
From: USA

  10.07.2011 at 07:18
Out of their 9 studio albums, which one is your favorite?

I'll have to go with the most obvious one, Among the Living, it's just a masterpiece. It's got incredible riffs and Belladonna just nails those vocals. I also really like Spreading the Disease, there's some awesome songs on there.

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Age: 24
From: Finland

  10.07.2011 at 11:57
I have to say Sound of White Noise, best John Bush era-album ever! and in my opinion the last classic album from Anthrax. The music is just great heavy metal with a twist and those vocals! *drool*
Angelic Storm

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From: UK

  10.07.2011 at 12:26
"Persistence Of Time" for me! It's incredibly heavy, but also very intelligent, and melodic at times too. I think this was where they really perfected the style they started with "Among The Living".

"Sound Of White Noise" is definitely the best John Bush-era album, and the only one from that era I'd call a classic. Brilliant album! xD

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Age: 24
From: Finland

  10.07.2011 at 14:12
We've come for you all is also a good album, and in my opinion that is the second best bush-era album, but nothing beats Sound!
St. Anger

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From: Germany

  10.07.2011 at 14:16
Definitely...Among the Living, it's the only perfect album they made IMO.
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Age: 24
From: Finland

  10.07.2011 at 16:30
Who voted for Volume 8 :O it's ok if you ask me but saying it's the best is bothering me :O Not saying I'm having a problem with it, I'm just curious
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Age: 26
From: India

  10.07.2011 at 17:49
Definitely and Exceptionally........."Among the Living"
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Age: 31
From: Sweden

  10.07.2011 at 22:01
I always have been fan of 80's albums but every leither after Fistyfull of Metal gets weirder, so I vote for it but I do not like Anthrax after Persistence of Time
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From: USA

  10.07.2011 at 22:04
SOWN is my favorite followed by PoT, either one are, to me, amazing slabs of metal awesomeness.
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  10.07.2011 at 23:34
Only heard Among. Kicks ass really, and it's probably their best, so I'll wait for the vote.

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Age: 31
From: Australia

  11.07.2011 at 05:06
Among the Living is a clear winner for me - I love Disease and Persistence as well, but AtL pips them in terms of sheer consistency and quality of songwriting. Not really a fan of the Bush era, although I need to listen to those albums more.

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Age: 44
From: Paraguay

  11.07.2011 at 06:31
It's a toss up between Among The Living or Spreading The Disease. at the moment i'd lean towards "STD" as it seems to have a little more bite to it thanks to sloppier production. i also really dig the "Greater Of Two Evils redoing their best material with Bush.
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Age: 21
From: USA

  14.07.2011 at 17:02
For me it's definitely Spreading The Disease. It's essentially been my soundtrack to life thus far haha
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From: Canada

  14.07.2011 at 17:43
LOL obviously Among The Living will win
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From: Jordan

  16.07.2011 at 21:10
What an easy question.
Go go go Among the Living.

And I'm sure people who voted for other stuff just wanna look different. Not all of them, of course.
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From: USA

  17.07.2011 at 05:15
One of the few bands where the vocalist switch actually did fuck up the band. As for this topic, it would have to be Persistance of Time. It may not be as thrashy as ATL, but has far better songwriting, and is much darker.

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From: Canada

  17.07.2011 at 17:46
I would say Among the Living. It was the best album for the classic mix of Anthrax of heavy thrashing, but also not be too serious and having a fun side at times.

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Age: 24
From: UK

  18.07.2011 at 20:45
It's a tie - Among the living and Fistful of Metal!!! The first one being the best they could be in their own genre, but the latter really lives up to it's name - it's so in the face trash metal!!!

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Age: 44
From: Paraguay

  18.07.2011 at 21:08
Written by Void Eater on 17.07.2011 at 05:15

One of the few bands where the vocalist switch actually did fuck up the band. As for this topic, it would have to be Persistance of Time. It may not be as thrashy as ATL, but has far better songwriting, and is much darker.

disagree. it was the Charlie-Scott show. the vocalist change didn't fuck up the band as much as their declining songwriting did. and their constant personnel changes didn't help... but that extends beyond the vocalists and also includes the lead guitarist and even bassist.

Greater of Two Evils shows that Bush could execute the old stuff. and quite well. unfortunately Scott VH-Ian and Charlie cannot execute like they did in the early to mid-80's.
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Age: 47
From: Belgium

  22.07.2011 at 13:20
Fistful of metal!

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Age: 24
From: Finland

  25.07.2011 at 23:00
No one has voted for Stomp... Why am I not surprised?
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  11.08.2011 at 00:43
Spreading The Disease. That album was more like European speed/power metal with a strong dose of thrash (at least compared to anything else they've done onwards). Plus, Joey Belladonna used high-pitched vocals similiar to Rob Halford or Geoff Tate on that album and I actually prefer his vocals that way.

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Age: 41
From: USA

  11.08.2011 at 19:53
1. Among The living,
2. Soreading The Disease
3. Fistfull Of Metal
4. Persistence Of Time
5. State Of Euphoria

Everything else is either ok or sucks. Now that I have heard the second single off of Worship Music I am doubting it is going to be very good either.
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From: USA

  05.09.2011 at 17:44
Amoung the living, and Persistence of time Just love the heaviness on those albums, and Joey's voice is amazing!
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From: USA

  09.09.2011 at 19:24
Spreading the Disease

SSC/Stand or Fall, Armed and Dangerous, and Gung Ho are my favorite Anthrax songs. The only song on that album I don't like is Medusa.
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From: Poland

  09.09.2011 at 22:05
Spreading the Disease. Nothing beats A.I.R. or Gung-Ho. Among the Living was very close in quality though.
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