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Your favorite Iron Maiden's dvd?

Rock In Rio30
Flight 66617
Live After Death13
The History Of Iron Maiden Part 15
Death On The Road3
Raising Hell2
Visions Of The Beast: The Complete Video2
Other(which one?)2
Donington Live0

Total votes: 74

St. Anger

Posts: 4108
From: Germany

  05.08.2011 at 22:58
Since Iron Maiden has more than 12 dvds, so why not starting a poll like this, but the problem is that I haven't watched any of their dvds, so am counting on this poll to help me out. Yeah am keeping my vote for later.
"The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull"

Posts: 240

Age: 42
From: Slovenia

  05.08.2011 at 23:05
Live After Death of course!
Agent of Steel

Posts: 1200

Age: 22
From: USA

  06.08.2011 at 01:29
From the ones that I have seen, I think "Rock in Rio" is the best. "Flight 666" is amazing and all the extra footage is really fun to watch, but I think that in terms of strictly concert footage "Rock in Rio" is the best.
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Silent Jay

Posts: 318

Age: 28
From: UK

  06.08.2011 at 08:33
Written by ScreamingSteelUS on 06.08.2011 at 01:29

From the ones that I have seen, I think "Rock in Rio" is the best. "Flight 666" is amazing and all the extra footage is really fun to watch, but I think that in terms of strictly concert footage "Rock in Rio" is the best.
Basically this.

I haven't even seen Death on the Road yet. That's the only one I haven't gotten around too. Bleh.

Posts: 62

Age: 29
From: Indonesia

  06.08.2011 at 09:21
If you want to watch the concert, i think you should watch rock in rio. It was awesome.
But if you want the documentary, or history. I Choose Filght 666 and The History Of Iron Maiden.

Posts: 21

Age: 37
From: France

  06.08.2011 at 10:43
Rock in Rio, It's just amazing.

Posts: 777

Age: 30
From: UK

  06.08.2011 at 12:00
Man i cant choose between rock in Rio and flight 666 so i'll flip a coin and the winner is flight 666

Posts: 44

Age: 23
From: Greece

  06.08.2011 at 14:31
Rock in Rio is awesome! The Early Years is pretty badass,too!
The Galactican

Posts: 182

Age: 42
From: USA

  06.08.2011 at 19:05
I loved the history part 1 vid. Got it for Christmas last year and have watched both discs twice now.

Posts: 10871

Age: 30
From: Portugal

  06.08.2011 at 19:36
I like all their DVDs, can't tell.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
Bad English

Posts: 44730

Age: 31
From: Sweden

  06.08.2011 at 20:32
Nom because I havnt seen it but I would vote for those where are all prom vids
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Posts: 162

Age: 22
From: Canada

  06.08.2011 at 21:32
I've only seen flight666, Rock in Rio, and Death on the Road. Out of those... probably Rock in Rio.
Fear the Old Blood

Posts: 1
From: Denmark
  07.08.2011 at 01:14
Rock In Rio because I've seen it and properly enjoyed it.

Posts: 9

Age: 31
From: Costa Rica

  08.08.2011 at 18:24
My favourites are: Flight 666, Death On The Road, The Early Days and Live After death. In my opinion this dvd´s has excellents interviews or documentals, pictures, and the best concerts.
+++ I'm a slave to the power of Iron Maiden +++

Posts: 199

Age: 30

  12.08.2011 at 13:34
I like it all ..

Posts: 19

Age: 40
From: UK
  15.08.2011 at 02:26
I'll have to go other and choose Maiden England.

Posts: 210

Age: 29
From: Venezuela

  24.08.2011 at 09:12
Well if its about live footage, wow Rock in Rio is amazing !!! but i like a lot Visions Of The Beast cuz have all the video history of the band, well to that days i guess they have to do a second part or something
Valentin B

Posts: 10016

Age: 26
From: Belgium

  24.08.2011 at 10:05
Definitely Rock in Rio. everyone is just so fresh and energized from the reunion with Bruce, and his vocals sound stunning (unlike Live After Death). The crowd, obviously, is amazing too (as always in South America), but then again pretty much any metal fan would be pumped to see Halford and Iron Maiden on the same night, both filming spectacular concerts for later DVD release.
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Posts: 20

Age: 31
From: USA

  24.08.2011 at 14:44
Live After Death was actually my first concert VHS along with Live Shit: Binge and Purge (VHS lol, I have since upgraded both to DVD) so for sentimental reasons , Live After Death is y choice. Special Mention to Rock In Rio and flight 666, both are terrific.

Posts: 92

Age: 29
From: USA

  25.08.2011 at 21:57
Rock in Rio is my favorite performance DVD... Of any band ever.

The extras alone were worth the purchase, I think I got it for $10.

Of course, the concert was simply mind blowing.
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Posts: 2

Age: 50
From: Estonia

  28.09.2011 at 18:20
I like it all , my favorites include The History Of Iron Maiden Part 1 and Rock In Rio...

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