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14.09.2011 - 22:46
Paleblood Hunter

I thought I would make this topic for those who haven't heard of, or want to discuss, the new project between John Arch and Jim Matheos. For those of you who haven't heard of the band, it is a recent (but not new) collaboration between two of the founding members of the Progressive/Power Metal band Fates Warning. These two have worked together on the classic three albums that began Fates Warning's career as well as the 'Twist of Fate' EP released under John Arch's name. This work is similar to what you would expect out of these two musicians. It features the classic technical/heavy riffs and solos of Matheos with the soaring vocals of John Arch. It sure took me back to when I was first finding Fates Warning. The project also features an all-star guest musician cast of Joey Vera on bass, Frank Aresti on guitars, and Bobby Jarzombek on drums. Ironically, these three musicians (along with Jim Matheos) are all currently in Fates Warning, which answers what that band has been doing since 2004's 'FWX': making this album!

You can find the abridged version of their song "Stained Glass Sky" as well as interviews, news, and media at their website above. I suggest you give them a listen if you're a fan of Fates Warning, Progressive Metal, or just good music in general. I'm very excited to hear the album in full. Discuss!
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17.09.2011 - 13:30
Well, I listened to some samples and... it's really good. Pretty much a follow up to "The Spectre Within" and "Awaken The Guardian", a bit more modern and features some ideas from the 90's era of Fates Warning. Arch is in top form, his singing is pretty much the same as on his albums with Fates Warning.

I expect great things from this album.
17.09.2011 - 23:59
Hellish Star
I have already ordered this album from the first second I knew it would come out! Fantastic singer and I can't wait to see him on stage with FATES WARNING at the next Keep It True Festival

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19.09.2011 - 23:48
Certainly worth checking for the sake of old times. Sounds promising.
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