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Disdained is progressive technical death metal band that gathered in January 2007, in Novi Sad, Serbia, in the following line-up: Branislav Panic (guitar), Zoltan Šimon (drums) and Tara Kerac (vocals). Later that year, Srdjan Toljagic (guitar) and Stevan Patic (bass) joined the band, making the line-up complete.
In early 2008, Disdained signed with Filthy Records (Netherlands), becoming the first Serbian death metal band to have released a Full-Length CD for an abroad label. This album, called We All Reek, is available worldwide, officially distributed in over 20 countries.
Right after, Disdained toured with CiLiCe (Netherlands) and Torture Squad (Brazil) promoting their first album. Among other festivals, Disdained also performed on EXIT FEST 2008, which is the biggest open-air festival in Europe.
In late October, a new single was self-released, which includes a making-of video clip and the track called "Labyrinth Of Decay".
The same month, Disdained got its first endorsement deal with Inferno Guitars (hand-crafted custom guitars) from Australia.
Their official video clip "Obtuse Chisel" was released on a video clip compilation called "Deadly Visions DVD Vol.II", and is available on Dead Center Productions (Ukraine).

In early 2009, Tara Kerac (vocals) and Srdjan Toljagic (guitar) parted with Disdained, short after Dusan Brkovic (vocals) joined the band (first as a session vocalist, later becoming a full-time member).
A couple of months later, Disdained signed an endorsement deal with Madison Amplification (USA).
The bands first European Tour - "Balkan Massacre Tour 2009" took place in over 6 countries, sharing the stages with CiLiCe (Netherlands).
The recording of their 2nd full-length album took place in Positive-Family studios in May 2009.
One very interesting fact is that Steffen Kummerer of Obscura was one of the guest musicians on this album. Also guest musicians on this album were Honza Kapak of Avenger and Urok of May Result.
In September 2009, Disdained co-headlined their 2nd European Tour - "Infinite Brutality Tour 2009", on which they visited over 10 countries, and shared stages with Svart Crown (France).
The "Weekends Are Fun Mini Tour 2009" was scheduled for October, where the band shared stages with Sangre Eterna.
In April 2010 they decided to disband and to put their new album "The Last Opus" for free download. They played their last show in EXIT FEST 2010, sharing their stage with Behemoth and Suicidal Tendencies.

Some of their songs:
Forsaken Culture
We All Reek
Shreds of Nothingness
Ignoring The Bliss
Infecting the Crypts (Suffocation Cover)

One interesting fact - Zoltan Simon, Disdained drummer, in 2009 won Sick Drummer Magazine digital drumming contest runned by Hannes Grossmann of Obscura. Here's how he played Obscura's Anticosmic Overload:

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If you like them, you can vote for them >>here<<

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