Aspects of bands you'd otherwise not enjoy

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Posted by , 19.10.2006 - 21:54
It's a weird title, I'll try to explain what I mean....

Do you ever listen to only parts, songs, albums of bands which you like but generally like nothing else that band has made? I ask this because, personally, I'm an album person, but usually if I listen to an album by a band I like, I try to aquire all their albums, and they usually all have a certain style or sound I enjoy and thus I "like the band".

Lately, though, I've been listening to In Flames...and I really do not like them...except...their instrumentals. It's like a completely different band, their instrumentals are made by extremely talented musicians that flow passion and love, have beautifully worked melodies and a consistent sound which is pretty damn good....instrumentals like Man Made God, Dialogue with the Stars, Wayfaerer...etc...but when I listen through their albums, I like very very little of their other work, possibly none at all...and I started thinking, how can I like these instrumentals and not enjoy the band? As I said, I'm usually an album person, and this really perplexed I ask, does anybody else ever get this problem? They only like a song or an album by a band, or something like that? Or, alternatively, you like certain musicians, like....the drummer in Lamb of God, but nothing really else of that band...etc. Any thoughts?

Also: Is the site running really, really, really slowly or is it just me?
09.11.2008 - 14:32
A thing like that happened to me when I was (kinda forced to) listening to some album by Dimmu Borgir (the one with the Twisted Sister cover). Overall, it was pointless bullshit with really gay vocals, tickticktick drums, geighboards and other horrible crimes against humanity; but at some point the drums stopped, the singer got the command of shut-the-fuck-up, the keyboardist was shot and what was left was a monster thrash riff. And a damn good one. But after that they go back to sucking.

The cover was nice too (inferior, of course, to the original).