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Posted by __Az__, 18.05.2006 - 13:47
Their only album 'Focus' blew me away... They are such an original band and are so technical... IMO, the album is a masterpiece and its such a shame that they didnt release another...

Im surprised a topic hasnt been created about them yet, So... what does everyone else think?
10.08.2009 - 20:45
These guys are f*cking GENIOUSES!!!Traced In Air does in fact sound like a really late successor to Focus,but that doesn't change the fact that it's one heck of a comeback album,an awesome album imo
09.03.2010 - 07:58
There's no words to define them...they are just unbelievable!! i saw them last saturday and the show was astonishing, superb, PERFECT, it was definitely the best concert ever...i doubt i'll ever get to see a better one...i was really lucky meeting Tomyo & Robin, they are very cool really excited because they uploaded the pics i took in their official facebook page
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26.05.2012 - 19:46
Insane group of technical musicians. Very creative and technical. Truly inspiring stuff.
08.12.2012 - 06:04
The demos are fucking crazy too.