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Posted by VloRD, 08.02.2012 - 18:22
Well, I just heard Eulen's mother tree and loved it. I love the sadness and the depression which saturates every track. I've heard Forgotten Tomb, but I want more black doom, especially that is very similar to Eulen's record. It doesn't even have to strictly be doom black, I just want more of this shit be it doom or black.
12.01.2013 - 23:47
The Turbanator

Band : St Barthelemy's Temple
Album : The Sheol Unfold
In the name of forests; In the name of stars; In the name of all the seas; In the name of storms... Proud sons of ancient nation; Proud sons of sacred song in the wind; Proud sons behind a mirror of ice who told... Fathers of the icy age!!
27.02.2013 - 13:54
My favourite black doom band is Goatlord. Debuted in 1991.