High And Low Points Of Your Day-II

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Posted by Cynic Metalhead, 12.03.2012 - 19:37
Back again on with this new thread.

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16.09.2017 - 13:42
Low Point: my 16-year-old cat almost fell through the window (I am living on the second floor). Becoming old sucks -_-
High Point: I perfected the art of cooking frozen green beans in the microwave (steam then nuke).
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17.09.2017 - 03:43

Well, thanks for the laugh.

Low: Work sucked today.

High: Surviving the day, drinking wine.
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19.10.2017 - 21:50
Dreadrealm 2.0
High: got hired to compose the soundtrack for a new visual novel called "Floodchild."
Low: all of my friends are having relationship troubles and I feel the responsibility to help them for some reason.
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03.12.2017 - 02:10
Even though it's Saturday, I'm going to post the highs and lows of Friday.......

Low: Same as the last 3 weeks or so, my minor back injury which I got on the job is irritating as fuck.

High/Mixed Feelings:

So, about an hour before it was time to knock off, I was called into Human Resources. I was told that this Monday coming, I would be undergoing a change in job title/description. Ever since the end of February 2017, I was appointed as a Checker for the 'small orders' section which I mastered, dominated and conquered. But this Monday, I will officially be a Stocker (of a certain aisle/section) downstairs. I wasn't entirely sure what brought this on, because a stocker's job is less stressful than a checker's, I mistakenly interpreted this move as a demotion (despite this change not affecting my salary).......So the Human Resources person called my Manager into the office (since it was his doing which he orchestrated)........My manager explained to me that this has nothing to do with my performance as a small orders checker. He went on to say that for as long as he has been Warehouse Manager (since about 2012/2013), I am by far the best Checker that department has ever had, he said that I set a higher standard and that he would have "one hell of a difficult time replacing me"........So his reason for making me a Shelf Stocker was because the person who I'll be replacing is basically unreliable as fuck, he's difficult to locate when needed, his section is always understocked and whenever certain items are needed for an order, it takes him forever and a day to obtain the item (thus decreasing productivity).......I, on the other hand have proven that I am self-motivated and can be trusted to get my work done unsupervised (in the words of my manager). In the long run, management is looking to one day make me a supervisor, but to get there, I must master most of the major sections.

Also, another reason, he feels that since it's pretty much widely known that I'm an excellent driver of the forklift and/or cherry-picker, my skills would be better utilized as a stocker, since checkers are not required to operate machinery on a daily basis (my manager also praised me for being not only highly skilled, but 'accident free' when it came to operating the machinery).

Though it filled me with immeasurable pride hearing my manager express this to both me and the human resource officer, I'm a little nervous about becoming a Stocker and everyone is certain that whoever takes my place will make the Small Orders section go right to SHIT (because I basically revolutionized the section and raised the standard of how to do the job), my (now former) assistant isn't too happy about it. I hope I do well.

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