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What is your Favorite Meshuggah album?

Destroy Erase Improve (1995)17
ObZen (2008)14
Chaosphere (1998)8
Catch Thirtythree (2005)7
Nothing (2002)6
Koloss (2012)2
Contradictions Collapse (1991)1

Total votes: 55

The original post

Posted by on 24.03.2012 at 09:30
So Meshuggah has consistently released a ton of great albums over the years, and with their most recent album, Koloss, that trend continues. What do you guys say is your favorite album from this band? Feel free to express your opinions on each album if you wish. BTW, If you do not like Meshuggah, do not come on here to just bash the band. Any elitist or troll comments on this poll are never tolerated. I am simply asking out of curiosity, what is your favorite album? If you post any elitist or troll comments, you are missing the entire point of this poll. Go out and make a "Meshuggah Sucks" topic if you're that desperate to spread your infantile hate, because I am not interested.

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Mainstream Poser

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  14.02.2014 at 03:01
Written by Jaeryd on 14.02.2014 at 02:27

in its illustration of the total descent into madness that one experiences when pondering the contradictory and paradoxical nature of existence.


It seems quite simple to me.

a.) Universe exists - yup that's fine. Reasons why are ambiguous and what happened before big bang. One day some smart boffin with a supercomputer and PhD will figure it out.

b.) Life exists because universe is so large that life would have to eventually exist. According to physists universe is so large that life most likely exists somewhere else.

c.) Given diversity of evolutionary pathways, it stands to reason that an "intelligent" critter would emerge on planet earth. These "intelligent" creatures are humans.

So it's basically mainly a case of probability - yay for maths.

Maybe this is why I'm not a big fan of Meshuggah.

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  19.04.2014 at 19:20
I just started to listen to these guys yesterday so I still don't know if I can handle them for a long time.
Destroy Erase Improve and Catch 33 sound cool so far.
Li'ed - Prog-Metal from Jerusalem

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  10.06.2014 at 02:50
DEI got me into them and is probably my favorite, but I voted Nothing because it's close and I realize I'm in the minority on that one. Chaosphere is nice as well... Honestly, ObZen might be the best one, but I don't have the same history with it that I do with the others. If I was hearing them all for the first time, I can't say for sure it wouldn't have gotten my vote.
Suck it, nerds!

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  12.06.2014 at 00:08
Alright, gonna rescind my previous statement and say the I EP is my favorite.
In the cold dark future, there are only assholes...

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