They Sold The Sun

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29.04.2012 - 16:25
Hey guys, just throwin up a thing for my band. In short: We're a four-piece band of very individual people, who come together as a whole. our songs are basically a combo of blackened thrash metal, old school hardcore, street punk, and a song or two on blink 182 style vein (just for fun!). we're still a young band, but we're tryin to build up as much support as possible, below are some links, so if you could take a minute to check em out, it'd be awesome!! (liking and subscribing is optional, but extremely appreciated).
p.s. the songs on reverbnation we're recorded with our old drummer and before we acquired a second guitarist. we're recording much better sounding tracks as i type this. luckily if ya wanna hear and see all our crazy stuff, it's on the youtubes! cheers mates!!
twitter: @TheySoldTheSun
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