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Posted by Darth Satanious on 12.05.2012 at 21:21
As the thread title states, which Anti-Christian band you respect the most and why? Reasons may range from the way they convey the message or even by reasons that do not have anything to do with Anti-Christianity at all and just simply because you respect them as musicians, people, or whatever reason may be.

If you agree with their stance, mention the band you respect the most. If you do not agree with Anti-Christianity but still there is a band you respect that has the message, mention them and the reason why you respect them.

Be understood as Anti-Christian those bands whose lyrics portray a message against Christianity (Satanic bands count) or a band whose members have voiced their rejection against Christianity in one way or another.

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  10.07.2014 at 23:13
Haha absolutely. Shit was hysterical. From what I remember they just sat there and laughed at everything
"Ya know what a shit rope is? Its a rope, covered with shit, that criminals try to hang on to. You see the shit acts like grease. And the more you try to climb up, the harder you try to hang on, the faster you slide down the shit rope...straight to j

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  18.07.2014 at 17:40
Eh, I respect more anti-christain alternative bands than extreme metal bands because from what I've seen most extreme metal bands are pretty childish in their opposition to Christianity (*coughdeicidecough*), and the ones that aren't I usually can't even tell they are anti-christian. While I'm not anti-islamic by any means, but their are a few anti-islamic bands I respect because they are standing up against oppression in their communities, but I can't really think of any anti-christain metal bands which do the same. It isn't even edgy, it's just like a poor attempt at trying to be edgy when it's bolder for an extreme metal band to take a Christian stance. Anyway, I'm going to go with Cattle Decapitation, that's an extreme metal band whose lyrics I can respect, though they are more known for Animal Rights.
Annable Courts

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  25.07.2014 at 17:35
Vital Remains, because even though I disagree with their stance, the lyrics are at least intelligent, it's not just "errr derrr fk Jesus and the God and Baibol, errr derrrrr kill kill" like basically all the others. It's eloquently written.
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