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Posted by Lit. on 26.05.2012 at 01:06
Best songs shorter than 2 minutes. For me, that would be God Bless The Children Of The Beast by Motley Crue.

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  15.12.2013 at 16:45
Written by Entropy on 14.12.2013 at 09:12

Written by Dana on 07.12.2013 at 07:54

Insomnium -Nocturne

i think they out did themselves with "the emergence" more than nocturne

couldn't agree more!
crusty juggler

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  15.12.2013 at 20:57
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Koen Smits

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  16.12.2013 at 21:05
Fog - Agathocles
See the Shit (With Your Own Eyes) - Nasum
I Don't Need Society - D.R.I.
Lucid Fairytale - Napalm Death
Too Much, Too Little - Cryptic Slaughter
We Never Come in Peace - Misery Index
Maggots - Rotten Sound
Punishment Solitude - Extreme Noise Terror
Cannibal Lust - Impetigo

Damn, apparently too much to give 1 or 3 examples. Someone should make a list but not me
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Atrocious Virgin

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  08.01.2014 at 15:59

Its S.O.D. - Anti-Procrastination Song.


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  09.01.2014 at 00:12
Since we're all talking about S.O.D., I thought I'd mention what is objectively their best song.

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  26.01.2014 at 13:41
I've said it before, I'll say it again: Napalm Death - Y O U S U F F E R, so much emotion on this one.
Another one with a pretty fast tempo: Carnivore - Jack Daniel's And Pizza.
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  27.01.2014 at 07:31
Anything from "Torture Garden" by Naked City, particularly "Bonehead", "Hellraiser", "Shengkuan Ling-Feng", "Shallow Grave", "New Jersey Scum Swamp" and so forth.

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