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Satanic Angel - Progressive Death Metal - England

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13.11.2006 - 00:10
Baz Anderson

Well this band isnt exactly mine, but the band of some good friends.
They have been called many different genrés - progressive death metal, death/black metal, melodic death metal - but they cant really be put into one genré so easily.

They are signed to Deadsun Records, and have just had the finishing touches done to their debut album 'Raping Christ' which has now been released!

I think they are well worth looking into, so please give them a go and let us know what you all think.
You can purchase their merchandise from their official site if anyone is interested. You can also hear a couple of tracks on their myspace page.

So here are the links:

Official Site:

Myspace page:

Deadsun label page:

And here is the first review of the debut album which is soon to be released: