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Posted by HardSide on 18.11.2006 at 17:36
Largest Disapointment:
Slayer - Christ Illusion

Top 5 currently of 2006 for me:
I - Between Two Worlds
Unexpect - In a Flesh Aquarium
Beyond Twilight - for the love of art and the making
Celtic Frost - Monotheist
Kalmah - The Black Waltz

Edit: I added as to why I picked these choices, after wrathchild bugged me about it:

Personally, I felt that slayer could have done much better. I mean david lombardo came back, thats great. Every review I read about Christ Illusion they all mentioned how Supermist, Catalyst, Skeleton Christ stood out from the rest of the songs. As much as I agree with the reviews, I have to say that Lombardo's other project Grip Inc. has 3 songs that exactly sound the same as those 3 I just mentioned, to the T. I had a fight about this on the Slayer forums and when people noticed the similarities they were appauld by it. Don't ask me to mention the 3 Grip Inc. songs...its 1 AM right now, and i was drinking.

As for kalmah...its catchy...I can listen to it from beginning to end without getting bored. Same goes for I, both bands don't bore me even after I listen to it in my car for days upon days. That and kalmah finally moved away from the Children of Bodom copy-cat music, which I have to give them props and thats why they deserved to be mentioned. As for I, because as i said not boring, I like the tunes, its dark, yet catch music.

Beyond the Twilight - The reason I like it...is because well no particular reason, maybe its the fact that when I listen to it none stop, the music always shocks me, its so well constructed by lyrically and musicially that I always find something new with it.

Unexpect - Probably my pick as being the best album of the year, I dont get bored, its different, its catchy, but yet dark and sinnister at the same time, which is hard...I truely love the album.

I was gonna put Suffocation on that list, but this album is a grower, which doesn't make it #1 for me, its a great album but it just doesnt hit me...not until i actually listen to it a few times.

i obviously left a lot of bands out, NOISM, Cruachan, Ministry, Neuropathia, Pyorrhoea are all great bands that released an album in 2006, but they are tedious in a way that they will get boring and old after my 100th listen, and i listen to music constantly so everything gets boring after a while.

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  24.10.2009 at 21:27
Angtoria had an awesome debut album

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